Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Results from 3/19/08

I knew it had to be either Amanda or Kristy. Amanda's style was just too one dimensional. This is a singing contest and she's a singer with a very limited range and style. I'm glad she got voted off because her voice really sounds shot and she had better rest it for awhile or it's going to be gone forever. Kristy is probably next to be thrown off unless she delivers the goods. She needs to really work on her performing skills for next week.
I still think David Archuleta is going to be the next American Idol.
I think America got it right tonight.

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cdecotis said...

I agree that Amanda’s voice has been showing a lot of wear...but for me, I don’t feel any connection with her...for some reason, she seems almost mechanical to me. Some of my favorite recording artists are not known for “pretty” vocals but they completely move me every time they utter a note (Neil Young and Eddie Vedder).

I see American Idol will be having mentors featured in the following weeks (Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, and someone else--I forget who). Will the contestants have to sing their songs as well? I would love to see Todd Rundgren (my all time favorite artist) have a week with the remaining 10...He’s brilliant and he has songs suitable for any singer...I’m picturing Chikezie throwing his energy into "Want of a Nail” or “Real Man”... Jason sweetly singing “Marlene”....I’m pretty sure David A. could kill me with his rendition of “Compassion”. Hahaha...oh, well...I can dream.