Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight's Results 4/16/08

Well, they finally voted Kristy Lee off. Although she definitely improved over time, she was still the weakest singer for weeks. I am glad to see that the remaining contestants are good singers and performers. Of course, the 2 Davids are still the leaders in this competition in my opinion.

I hated the way they made the contestants wait until the end tonight and stand in unknown groups. It's so painful to watch. Why must they torture these singers? I know I've said this before, but it's hard enough being in this business already, without more torture. Is this supposed to be entertaining to the viewers? I sure don't enjoy watching people being made uncomfortable. Just give them the results and get on with it. Does anyone else feel this way? I was glad David A. sat down on the floor and wouldn't say who he thought was safe and who was voted into the bottom 3. You go, David!

It seems that every week when there is a mentor on, their performances seem to pale compared to the contestants' performances. I thought Mariah's performance tonight wasn't nearly as good as David A.'s performance last night. Same goes for Dolly Parton last week and Diana Ross last year. I guess we are watching this show with judges' eyes and then judge the stars the same way. What's funny is that I don't know if viewers would vote for Dolly or Mariah if they were on the show as contestants. Maybe the stars feel a lot of pressure on the show for that reason; that they are singing in front of judges, not just adoring fans that bought a ticket to their show, and that might spook them a bit. It's always tough being a performer, so I have empathy for these seasoned pros. I don't know if I'd go on the show as a guest.

What do you think? Did America get it right?


cdecotis said...

I'm pleased Brooke survived the week. It was a difficult one for sure. I did laugh aloud though, when Kristy sang directly to Simon during her send off song! She definitely has a sense of humor...good for her!

In past seasons, Ryan has pulled the "which group do you think is the top group" thing too. It's tense enough for each contestant, but to make them feel like they need to pass judgement...completely unnecessary and quite mean, imo. David A is not the first to plea the 5th. I think if the result show was trimmed down to a half hour, the foolishness and drama of waiting would cease.

It's funny, I preferred hearing the contestants sing over Mariah Carey. These kids are working hard and it shows.

The mentoring weeks are challenging but I feel it puts some contestants to a disadvantage. The show should choose mentors with a wide range of well-written songs that can be arranged to make a good fit for each contestant. I did notice that Carly's selection was a Mariah cover song of Badfinger's "Without You"...I didn't realize a cover would be an option. Were any of the other songs chosen this week covers as well? (I still think Todd Rundgren would be a brilliant mentor...He has brought out the best in so many artists he has produced). So who's next?...Neil Diamond?...Andrew Lloyd Webber? Should be interesting

Lisa Iannucci said...

Mariah was painful to listen to, if you ask me. And the hands up and down up and down were driving me nuts!

Kristi Lee Cook has some improving to do, but she'll do fine in country music if she finds the right song (like Kelli Pickler did).

I thought it was funny how Ryan tried to push David A to the right group and he didn't get it. LOL.

David Cook is still my fave!

Lady V. said...

I watched AI from year one, but now feel now that the show is deteriorating, they pulled the same 3 on one side and 3 on the other side trick more than once and David did the same thing as the others, he sat in the middle. The judges, namely, "Check it out dude, I dunno, I'm just not feeling it" [look directly at Paula after statement], "You look lovely tonight, you're staying true to yourself and I'm so proud of you" [smile sweetly], and the winner is "If I'm being honest you sound like a bad [insert your favorite analogy here and give an insincere 'sorry]]". Of course the crowning statement this season is Simon's to Carly "Who dressed you", the week before he said "this is a singing competition", now he's commenting on Carly's clothes, make up your mind Cowell. As for the talent, when are we going to get some true blue amateurs who don't stand a chance of being noticed unless they are on AI, too many professionals are now coming through. As far as talent goes, David Cook is by far the best, but perhaps he should find his own style not keep plaguerizing other performers. David A. has a great voice and looks good, but stop giggling kiddo. My personal favorite is Jason - he seems to be the only one who is "keeping it real and staying true to himself". Finally, For the sake of all that's right get rid of the mosh pit, it's bad enough that we have to tolerate the funny camera angles, but now you have people waving their hands in front of the performers.