Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 Contestants Left!

Okay, well, it's really getting down to the wire now. I wasn't totally blown away by any one performance tonight. When I watched the replays at the end of the show, I thought they were all solid performances. This is a tough competition at this point. Of the 3 singers left, I still think David A. has the most consistent, solid voice and is the most emotionally connected to the songs and to the audience. David Cook has his own style, is also a solid singer and puts out a lot of rockin' energy in his performances. Syesha has been having a lot of fun lately, and I've been enjoying her very much, but I think she is the weakest singer left. She will have a great career as an actress, model, Broadway star and recording artist. I think she will be voted off, although truly anyone could go tonight, because they all are really good at this point. I still vote for David A. to win. He is by far the best singer on the show and has been since the beginning of the season. I'll be on the morning mix on mix97.7 FM with Bob Miller again tomorrow from 6:30-8:00 AM talking about tonight's show. Tune in! (Check out the photo of Bob and me at the radio station last week on my website scrapbook page).

Who do you think will get voted off?

My take on the performances:

David Archuletta: Beautiful singing consistently all night.
1.And So It Goes - (One of my favorite songs). Beautiful singing, I liked when he sang a capella in the beginning; he has amazing pitch; he hadn't wavered off key the slightest bit when the instruments came back in. A beautiful performance. The pure quality of his voice slays me.
2.With You-Nice pop song, it seemed that this would probably be the kind of songs he should record as a teen idol, but the song didn't do much for me-trite. His voice sounded great though.
3.Longer-Beautiful singing again. They keep giving him these kinds of songs, that he can't really let loose on, but, he did great for what he was given.

Syesha Mercado:
1.If I Ain't Got You-Best song of hers tonight. Nice job. She changed it a bit from Alicia Key's version.
2.Fever-That was quite original for that song. I enjoyed it, good technique. performance and vocal control, interesting improvisation. Very enjoyable for me.
3.Come Pick Me Up-It was good, but not great. The song didn't really suit her, but she didn't pick it, so that's not her fault. Her voice was a little pitchy at times. Hard song to sing I think.

David Cook
1.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face-Interesting song choice for David the rocker. I knew he'd kick it up at the end. He did a good job. Simon, why did you pick that song???????
2.Dare You to Move-He did a good job. His voice was a little out of control at the end. Passionate performance. The song didn't do that much for me.
3.I Don't Want to Miss A Thing-It was predictable. But that's the kind of song it was. It was an energetic performance. Good singing.


cdecotis said...

I thought the first songs of each contestant were the best with David A in the top spot...and I also think Syesha will be the one to leave tonight.

Do you know who determines the songs for the last two next week? Seems the judges did a pretty good job finding songs last night.

Vickie, nice pics in your scrapbook...that's great you opened for your bro, Leon Russell...I've loved him forever! : )

Vickie said...

Don't know who's songs they are doing next week. I guess they'll tell us tonight. Opening for Leon was a thrill. A Song for You is one of my all time favorite songs.

Lisa Iannucci said...

next week, one of the songs is the song they'll release after the competition.

Vickie said...

Thanks Lisa.