Tuesday, May 6, 2008

R&R Hall of Fame Week

Better songs tonight, more variety, thank goodness. It kept the show much more interesting for me.
Okay, Jason Castro has to be voted off tonight. Please! He just doesn't compare to the other singers.
I thought David Archuleta did a fantastic job singing, as always. Passionate and from his heart in both performances, connected to his feelings; creative with his interpretations and he made the songs feel fresh. He is the most consistent of them all.

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Best performances:
David Archuleta
Syesha Mercado

Who should be voted off:
Jason Castro

Who do you think?????

My take on the performances:
David Cook
1.Hungry like the Wolves
It sounded like the original recording to me, and David seemed a bit low energy, like he's had enough of the pressure or something. But, his voice sounded good. His performance was okay.
2.Baba O'Reilly
Much better performance than the first song, but it was so short! Why don't they give these guys a little more time to sing their songs to build up a performance? He made it more his own and I liked that he played guitar; it seemed to connect him more to his energy and freed him up.

Syesha Mercado
1.Proud Mary
She did a good job. I think it's always trouble to do a song in the style of someone who is a huge star (like Tina Turner). It was a little too much like that version, so then one ends up comparing Syesha with Tina, and Tina wins. But, she sang great and performed really well, it just didn't feel original, and I'm thinking that is what this show is really about, taking a song and making it your own, (and hopefully you can sing well and are a good performer to boot).
2.Change is Gonna Come
Good performance. Great singing. Nice job.

Jason Castro
1.I Shot the Sheriff
Ehhhh. He sang fine, but his performance didn't do much.
2.Mr. Tambourine
Oops, poor Jason, forgot the lyrics. Nervous I guess. Not a great performance. Oh well. I think Jason is going home tonight.

David Archuleta
1.Stand By Me
Great singing, great improvisation, and a passionate performance. He made this song fresh and original. Best performance of round 1.
2.Love Me Tender
Great singing again, great performance. I keep saying this, but, he is this year's American Idol as far as I'm concerned.

I've been enjoying reading Ken Barnes take on the performances. Check out his blog on American Idol, Idol Chatter.


Unknown said...

Please, please, please let this be Jason's last night.

David C. was a bit off tonight but he's still great. Syesha was okay for the first song (sorry, only Tina does Tina) and really good on the second song. David A. was fantastic, as always. But, that kid has to learn how to breathe during the judges' comments. I think it will come down to the two Davids.

Lisa Iannucci said...

I think if David A won (which I don't think he will) he'll faint during the finals...I swear. but I do have to say, I LIKED his first performance, but I think his second was soooo overrated! I hated the arrangement of the song and thought it was very boring. but his first song was good.

cdecotis said...

I also enjoyed the contestants having more choices for last night's show (though, I have "issues", haha, with the R&R Hall of Fame...their glaring omissions and those voted in who are poor excuses for R&R). Kinda just knew ol' Jason was going to choose a B. Marley tune...haha. Jason certainly widened the gap between himself and the others. I think the biggest problem with "I Shot the Sheriff" was its lyrics being sung by Jason. Never in a million years could I imagine J. being bad-a**ed enough to gun down the authorities...but I do think he was really into performing it...the 2nd song was just killed by his nerves. Anyway, with all said, Jason is the one who should be voted off tonight. However, the "Jason Voting Machine" might kick it up at this time of crisis. Seriously, he seems to have so many fans that I will not be surprised if someone else goes instead.

As for the other contestants:

David C.-I cringed with Hungry Like a Wolf--not a fan of that one, though I preferred David's to Duran Duran's...and I agree with Vickie with wanting to hear longer versions of threir selections...he barely started Baba O. when he had to wrap it up.

Syesha-She did very well and David A.-His take on both songs really suited him...poor kid seems more nervous than ever.

Anonymous said...

I am a Jason fan. I think he's sincere and genuine. One thing I loved about him and Brooke was that they really connected with the songs and the audience. I think David Archuleta is extremely boring and has no versatility. David Cook gives off this weird, smug vibe and whenever I watch Syesha I feel like I'm in a soap opera. She's so fake. The real American Idol got voted off long ago (Michael Johns).

So I'm voting for Jason, and if he doesn't win, I really don't care who does, because no one else touches my heart.

cdecotis said...

Vickie? Does 97.7 stream online? I'm farther upstate and I can't tune into anything P'keepsie via radio. Thanks.

Vickie said...

Yes it does stream online.