Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, Jason got voted off. It seemed he was ready to go and relieved. I think America got it right. The 3 best singers are still left.
Thanks for all your comments. I enjoy reading them every week. It's fun being part of this AI community with you all, and I like your different takes on the show.
So we have a Jason fan among us. I agree that he is sincere and genuine as was Brooke. I read in an interview that Jason had only performed as a singer 5 times in public before he auditioned for American Idol, although he was already a drummer. I think his inexperience as a singer was showing a bit. Considering all that, he did a good job. Everyone else seemed much more seasoned. I don't really know what this contest is about anymore. If it's about great singing technique, performance and heart, then I think David A. is the champion, but Carly was great and so was Michael Johns. If it's about sincerity, Brooke and Jason. If it's about making your song original, David Cook. So, I guess the fans will decide what type of contest it is. For me, as a singer and vocal coach, the best singing is by David A. I was watching his videos on you tube from when he was 9 or 10 and I was totally blown away. He is a prodigy like a young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder or Quincy Jones. You should check these videos out: You Tube or here more on you tube
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Did America get it right?


Anonymous said...

I can't fault America, Jason did mess up. But I just think a lot of music today is so canned. Everyone wants radio ready. Whatever happened to passion? Whatever happened to the joy and fun of music? All I know is, when he sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", I felt happy. I felt really good. And even when he messed up "Mr. Tambourine Man", I still felt light hearted and happy. His spirit shone through in his performances. I felt the same way about Michael, I truly felt the soul when he sang. I don't feel that way when anyone else on the show sings.

So I am disappointed, I think it's so commercial. But that's the industry, right? I do agree that he seemed ready to go home. The stress was getting to him.

cdecotis said...

Jason did look very relieved. I am sorry to see him go...he seems like a sweet person--his style's so easy and he always made me laugh with his candidness during his interviews. I'll bet he won't miss those terribly choreographed group songs they do at the beginning of each result show...poor guy, looked mortified throughout that cheesy performance last night...ick.

Regarding the state of the music industry these days...oh man, don't get me started. Everything's so cookie cutter...if an artist does not fit the current and very narrow mold, there's little chance...and it seems to be more about having the right look and image. I have many friends who can out sing, out play most anyone I hear on the radio, as well as write amazing songs. I truly do not care what artists look's all about how they make me feel. There are a few (Todd Rundgren, Al Green, Neil Young, and Eddie Vedder)over the years that actually leave me with such an intense feeling in my gut, that it's almost pain-like, but not in a bad way...and I absolutely detest the sound alikes, for example, all the Vedder doesn't work because they don't have his soul.

Vickie, hope you have a great gig this weekend...We'll be doing the Mom's Day thing with my folks that day, though we happen to be going to a show at Bearsville Theatre the following Saturday...It's Kasim Sulton (of Utopia, Todd R., and Meat Loaf) with Doug Kennedy (of Isle of Q) and Jesse Gress (of Tony Levin Band and Todd R) those guys! In addition to Kasim's show there's going to be a screening of a new Meat Loaf documentary that Kasim and TR were part of. Vickie?...have you ever sung at Bearsville Theatre? Oh, and I found 97.7 online...thank you (wow, you had an early start to the day!).

Unknown said...

Voting Jason off was the right move. A singer should be passionate and genuine, but the person also needs talent. Jason was in way over his head.

Vickie said...

Nope, I haven't sung at the Bearsville theater yet. Sounds like a great show next weekend. Enjoy!