Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Beatles 3-18-08

David Archuleta. AP Photo

My take: David Archuleta definitely was the best performer of the evening, hands down. Glad he is back; confident and resilient!!!!!!! Carly Smithson was the second and Syesha the third.
I think that Kristy Lee Cook is probably going to get thrown off tonight. She has been in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks now and seems to be the least exciting performer of the remaining group.


Amanda Overmeyer-"Back in the USSR"
Amanda sounds like her voice is getting worn out from all the blues singing she's been doing. If I were her teacher, I'd tell her to take some time off and rest it. She's really pushing her voice, and is losing control of her pitch. Of course there is no rest when you are on American Idol.
Her performance: nothing special, no surprises. I agree with the judges, she is getting a bit predictable.

Kristy Lee Cook-"You've Got to Hide your Love Away"
She looked quite unexcited while singing. As a coach, I would work on her acting ability through some theater exercises. I don't think she really knew the melody of the chorus and changed it not knowing it. She needs to work on reading music a bit, I think. Not a great performance, I agree with the judges. Nice voice, though.

David Archuleta-"The Long and Winding Road"
Great performance! Flawless! Amazing voice! He's back. Pure, organic, natural, direct channel from Heaven. He is the 2008 American Idol.

Michael Johns-"A Day in the Life"
His performance didn't really move me. I'd work on acting technique a bit more, he needs more stage presence, less focus on his voice I think. He hasn't been choosing the right songs for his voice/style. Good voice, but not showing what he can do.

Brooke White-"Here Comes the Sun"
Okay performance. She really didn't do anything too interesting or different. Not as good as the original. She seemed uncomfortable with the song. She needs to work on performing without an instrument, using hand motions to express herself. Bad song choice.

David Cook-"Day Tripper"
Fun performance, he didn't blow me away. He could have let loose more. I'd get him to do some theatrical improv exercises to loosen him up a bit more. Good rocker.

Carly Smithson
- “Blackbird”
Beautiful performance; interesting arrangement. I loved that she used her whole vocal range; Changed keys to show her upper and lower range. great choice for her voice. Not a totally emotionally connected performance.

Jason Castro - “Michelle”
He looked bored with the song. He didn't connect with the song. He seemed to just stand there.
The girls really love him. He could really work the audience better and drive them wild by working on his emotional expression through his body. I'd give him some acting exercises using his whole body to free him up a bit more.

Syesha Mercado - “Yesterday”
Nice performance. she gave it some originality. Beautiful voice, range. She is very versatile in her styles and her vulnerabilty really came through in her performance. Good song choice for her.

Chikezie - “I’ve Just Seen A Face”
Strange arrangement. I was confused by the performance. I like when he sings upbeat, more soulful songs. He's got so much energy, he needs to be free like last week's fantastic performance. I agree with the judges. This wasn't a good song choice or arrangement for him.

Ramiele Malubay - “I Should Have Known Better”
Fun song, she was a bit freer this week. She still hasn't found the right song for herself.
What did you all think? Who will get kicked off this week?


Lisa Iannucci said...

I LOVE david cook. he's daughtry with a smile. LOL everytime I watch daughtry i get depressed so I don't watch or listen anymore. carly does nothing for me entertainment wise. david did well. who do I think will get voted off -- kristy.

cdecotis said...

Hi Vickie. I'm enjoying your idol blog very much! I really agree with you on Tuesday night's performances. Sheesh...that David A. is nothing less than amazing!

Song selection is so critical, especially now...I love Brooke but I was not lovin' her take on "Here Comes the Sun". Would have loved to have heard Jason sing George's
"For You Blue" off of "Let It Be". I think he would have nailed it.

As for the tonight's result show: I think Amanda will get the boot.

Vickie said...

You are right, it could be Amanda or Kristy.