Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Theme: Lennon and McCartney 3/11/08

Chikezie. AP photo.

Wow, tonight's show was really exciting. I'm so glad I now have a good excuse to watch TV. It's my assignment! You gotta love that!
I asked my 5 year old voice student tonight who her favorite singer was. She said David Archuleta. I asked her why, and she said "he's got a great voice and he's cute". I agree. But I wonder if she'll still say that after his shaky performance tonight. Well, for what it's worth, here is my take on the evening:

1) Sayesha Mercado - Gotta Get You Into My Life
Made the song her own-jazzy, (a little pitchy). Strong stage presence, confident, nice arrangement, great performance, beautiful to look at too. (Earth, Wind and Fire arrangement, sounded a bit too familiar).

2) Chikezie - She’s A Woman
Great vocal range/great arrangement/fantastic energy: Wow! Really original! I agree with the judges-Fantastic! My favorite performance of the evening. Blew me away.

3) Ramiele Malubay - In My Life
Beautiful, rich voice, the camera loves her, too old-fashioned, performance never went anywhere, didn’t take any chances, she was holding back. I hope she lets loose, she is a great singer and performer.

4) Jason Castro - If I Fell
Emotional, the ladies loved that, his heart is his draw, it’s right out there in every song. A little boring of a performance though, he is so beautiful to look at, mezmerising, I liked his improvising on the melody. The judges did not. Good performance, not great.

5) Carly Smithson - Come Together
She can sing- doesn’t push her voice and can really belt it out and high! She reminds me of Nancy Wilson of Heart. A true great rock voice. What a powerful set of pipes, soulful. Great singer/comfortable on stage, I enjoyed it.

6) David Cook - Eleanor Rigby
Energetic performance, he made it his own, he rocked out. I agree with the judges-loved it.

7) Brooke White - Let It Be
Reminds me of Amy Grant a bit; earthy, beautiful, warm. She is a little hoarse. I wonder if her voice will hold out for the rest of her time on AI. Sounds strained, she could use some technical help. Nice solid performance-calming energy- Authentic. The judges loved it. I liked it a lot.

8) David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There
Not a good song choice, this is a song of wild abandon, and he is a controlled type of singer. Wrong outfit. Wrong song, too complicated for such a simple song. I agree with the judges.

9) Amanda Overmyer - You Can’t Do That
Great energized performance, organic, authentic, she’s a natural rocker. Made the crowd go wild. She made it her own. Original.

10) Michael Johns - Across the Universe
Nice voice, not that exciting of a performance. The song/performance didn’t go anywhere. Still holding back I think.
I agreed with Simon and Randy.
Paul loved it, I didn’t.

11) Kristy Lee Cook - Eight Days a Week
I think she was trying a little too hard to impress, too many runs in her voice, out of control a bit. I liked that she did the song country style because she took a chance, but I didn’t like the arrangement of the song. Hoakey. Nice country voice. She reminded me of Dolly Parton too-I agreed with Simon. I wasn’t crazy about the whole performance.

12) David Archuleta - We Can Work It Out
Oh, I felt for him tonight. You could tell he was nervous, forgot the lyrics. It was his worst performance. He's so young, only 17, I hope America will cut him a break, I think he'll stay in, it was just a bad night. He should still be in the competition. I agreed with Simon on this performance.

Favorite performances of the night:
Best: Chikezie
2.Carly Smithson
3.David Cook
4.Amanda Overmyer
5.Brooke White

Who would be voted out? My guess is Kristy Lee Cook.

What did you think?


Lisa Iannucci said...

My vote is for Kristy Lee Cook to be eliminated tonight.

rhall123 said...

i agree with you about chikezie.
i judge a performance by one that makes me look up from whatever i'm doing on the computer.
i was like WOW! where did that come from ?
reminded me of the guy last season, who's name i can't recall off-hand that sang "you give love a bad name".
chikezie truly took this song and made it his own without destroying it in the process.