Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Results from 3/25/08

What a surprise that Chikezie got voted off the show tonight. After that amazing performance 2 weeks ago, I'll be sad to see him go. He's an impressive singer, better than most of the people remaining, and he's such a likable guy. He just didn't find the right songs to showcase his voice and amazing energy.

I know he will have a great career, now that he has had national TV exposure, and I'd buy his recordings. It should have been either Jason, or Kristy. They are the weakest singers, but they are appealing to look at. I would hope that's not what this contest is about. I think America got it wrong.

What do you think?

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Unknown said...

I agree - Jason or Kristy should have been voted off. Jason seems as if this is just a joke. Kristy, well, she can't sing. Her performance last night was a blatant last-ditch effort to get votes by using "patriotism."

Vickie said...

Yup, yup, yup. You are right on. Well, it's up to the voters now.

cdecotis said...

Chikezie voted off...what an injustice! I love that guy.

I originally thought the bottom three would be Jason, Ramiele, and Kristy...with Ramiele losing out because of Jason's overall popularity and Kristy's choice of song. I have no problem with patriotism, but that tune is so corny...talking about wavin' the flag, launching the fireworks,rah, rah, rah...please (and Simon made fun of David's selection because it was too theme park and sing-a-long).

I think Jason really wants to be in the competition. Bet it's possible he's been getting caught up in the star treatment/attention he and the others have been receiving. I'm sure after winding up in the bottom three, Jason will be singing a different tune (ugh...sorry, haha) next week.

Michelle said...

It's really too bad that America continues to, year after year, to vote for the "cutest" or the most marketable and NOT the most talented...such a shame to see one of the best and most enjoyable singers go!! AND Syeshia?? She was by far the best, ok, second to best performer on Tuesday night!!! When will America pick talent and not looks??? I am so disappointed!!

Vickie said...

I so agree with you, Michelle. At least Syesha, and David are still in. I was so disappointed when Melinda Doolittle didn't win last year. She was by far the best singer I'd ever seen on Idol.

Anonymous said...

Well for me David Archuleta has already won Idol :)