Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Theme-Songs from their Birth Years

Best performance tonight: David Cook
Runner up: Syesha Mercado
I really have no idea who will be thrown off: Maybe Ramiele or Kristy.
Who do you think?

My take on tonight's performances:

Ramiele Malubay-Alone
I think it was the wrong song choice for Ramiele. She doesn't have such a big voice to be singing a Heart song. No one should be singing a Heart song, or a Whitney or Celine song unless they can bring something new to it. You are always asking to be compared to divas and that's not a good position to be put in unless you can sing like last year's contestant Melinda Doolittle. Ramiele really pushed her voice, almost screaming and sang off key quite often. I don't think she has found a good song for herself yet. Hope she stays on to get that chance. I agree with Randy-bad song choice.

Jason Castro-Fragile
Nice, but he didn't bring anything new to the song. He needs to find a song and do it very different than it was recorded. Light, jazzy, pop. Nothing special. He's got potential, just needs to find that song.

Syesha Mercado-If I Were Your Woman
Wow, she really changed it up. Put her own twist into the song. That was the best I've seen her. Great pitch. She pushed her voice a bit towards the end. I agree with the judges.

Chikezie-If Only for One Night
He did a great job, good song choice for him. He's got a beautiful voice, lots of control, great range, very soulful. It wasn't that different from the original song, but he still sang it really well. Again, I agree with the judges. He needs to change things more than he does, and release that wild energy that he has.

Brooke White-Every Breath You Take
Good performance, nice piano arrangement. I like that she plays piano and guitar when she sings, being a pianist/guitarist myself. I know that it's comforting and relaxing to be with your instrument on stage. I'm so glad they let the singers play instruments this year. I agree with the judges that she should have just played the piano without the band joining in. It made it less unique and more like the Police's version. I thought it was great that she started over, it was brave, although I don't know why she started over, it sounded fine to me. I've done that before, it seems to make performers more endearing to an audience when they make mistakes, although it feels so embarrassing.

Michael Johns-We Will Rock You
Oh-oh, not a medley! He sounded like Queen, confident, but he did it too much like they do it for my taste. The judges and the audience thought it was great. I wasn't blown away. It just didn't sound like anything original but it was a powerful performance, his best yet.

Carly Smithson-Total Eclipse of the Heart
I felt like she was trying too hard, it sounded like she was pushing her voice especially at the end to try to impress. I agree with the judges, it didn't really stand out for me.

David Archuleta-You're the Voice
I love the songs he chooses, the meaning behind the words. He has something to say and he says it; always deep, always full of love and compassion for the world. I liked that he picked a song that was not well known, so he could make it his own without comparisons. He was a little pitchy tonight, but I still thought he did great. Whenever I sing, I want to make a difference with what I say, to touch people's hearts. I feel that same intention behind every song David sings. Keep on singing from your heart David, no matter what the judges tell you.

Kristy Lee Cook-God Bless the USA
Good performance, energetic, good song for her. Pitchy in the middle. I think she'll probably still be in the contest next week.

David Cook-Billy Jean
Wow, great song choice/arrangement. Really original! Great job!!!!!!!! Wow, wow, wow! I agree with the judges.

I wish I could hear these singers sing songs that have not been made famous by others. Then they'd have to be totally original. That's one reason why I write my own songs, it gives a chance to show my own personality, point of view, character, song style or how many different styles I can sing. I know some of them are songwriters as well. It would be great if they could sing their own songs if they do write.


MTK said...

OK, Miss Vickie, here's K's take on tonight.

We missed Rameley, due to our prior singing engagement, LOL so here it goes:

Jason Castro: He was OK, he's a good singer but the song was not a good choice. And he didn't do it in the right key.

Sayesha Mercado: She was FABULOUS. I disagree with Simon.

Chekezie: Didn't like it that much.

Brooke White: I like her, she's one of my favorites. It was great. I think Paula is absolutely right.

Michael Johns: He was good, I liked his performance, but I think he had to not use his voice like he was hurting it.

Carly: It was good, I like Paula's idea.

David Archuleta: I think this was a good song for him. I like his performance.

Kristy : It was good I totally agree with Simon.

David Cook: He was good. I am tired. Going to bed now. Night night.

Great job on the blog Vickie. We look forward your comments next week.

See ya Tuesday,


cdecotis said...

I think Ramiele will be voted off tonight.

Vickie said...

Those are great observations from a 6 year old singer. I am impressed! Thanks K!