Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Neil Diamond week

Best performances tonight:

David Cook-2nd song
David Archuleta-2nd song
Brooke White-2nd song

Who do I think should get kicked off?
Jason Castro

Who do you think should get kicked off?

Good that they had 2 songs to sing. The second ones were better.

So, it's Neil Diamond as mentor and songwriter for the evening. I am disappointed with the songwriters/mentors they have picked this season. It's obvious they were chosen because of new releases and this is a vehicle for them to get more exposure. As an audience member, I feel insulted by that. Please, can they pick themes where there is more variety in the styles? I am not a Neil Diamond fan, although I always liked "I'm a Believer". An hour of his songs kept the show one dimensional. I think that the singers were having a hard time doing much with them. I know I'd have difficulty interpreting his songs myself. The judges (especially Simon) were harsh, but it's the fault of the show for picking this theme. Okay, I've said it. Many people like Neil Diamond; he's had a lot of hits and has many fans. Sorry to offend if you are one. It's just my opinion. He's certainly a prolific songwriter. And seems like a really nice guy.

Jason Castro:
1.Forever in Blue Jeans-pleasant, nice singing, nothing special.
2.September Morn-not a whole lot of energy there, he looked bored, and I don't blame him, that's a boring song.

David Cook:
1.I'm Alive-Corny song choice, it just wasn't rockin' enough for David. It didn't do much for me.
2.All I Really Need Is You-He made it his own. This song was a bit more interesting than the other Diamond songs. I liked what David did with this. Good performance; he made it sound contemporary.

Brooke White
1.I'm A Believer-Brooke looked and sang a bit nervous and tentative. I think she picked a really low key because her range is so small, and I think her voice sounded pretty hoarse and tired so she couldn't hit high notes. So, she had to improvise a lot because she couldn't sing the low notes in such a low key. It actually made the song more interesting than it would have been. It was an okay performance.
2.I Am I Said-I liked that performance a lot. It was charming, contemporary, she sang it well. Nice arrangement, nice piano playing.

David Archuleta
1.Sweet Caroline-Refreshing rendition of a corny song. Great singing as always.
2.America-I never listened to those words before tonight. He did a good job. Passionate performance that had depth and made me think as an audience member. That's what I like about David, he always picks songs that have a deep meaning, and that makes him connect to the song and to the audience; and he has a great voice and knows what to do with it.

Syesha Mercado
1.Hello Again-Nice singing, refreshing to hear a woman singing this song. Still corny as all. Pitchy.
2.I Thank the Lord for the Night Time-Good job, high energy, good performance. A little pitchy.


cdecotis said...

Hi Vickie...I also think Neil Diamond's songs sound soooo dated. Figures the first song of the night was the one I wanted to hear least! haha...leave it to Jason to choose Forever in Blue Jeans! ugh...Actually, I thought it was the better of his two songs...however, I think in all fairness, Jason should definitely be the one to go tomorrow night.

David A. was by far the week's best--good for him--he continuously sings his heart out.

I agree that the mentors must be chosen to help support their new cd releases...I wonder when Neil sings tomorrow night, if it will sound like the same old tired Neil songs?...or will we be surprised..??...

There were far fewer mentors this season than in the past...Last season alone, there were nine or so(I looked some of them up): Diana Ross, Jon Bon Jovi, Bono, Peter Noone & Lulu, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennett, Jennifer Lopez, and Barry Gibb. All of these mentors, week after week, really seemed to narrow the song choices far too often for the contestants--which must be so frustrating.

Stevie Wonder was a mentor in 2006 (had to look the year up...my memory's not so good)...I only remembered that Taylor Hicks sang the hell out of Living For the City. Anyway, I still want Todd Rundgren, who would be mentor-extraordinaire, with his zillions of songs for any mood or style.

So, I wonder what the plan is for next week?

Unknown said...

I agree with you about Neil Diamond as a mentor. I didn't like him back in the day either.

As to the performances, David A and David C were the best (as always. The worst was Jason. There is never any "oomph" or power when he sings. Or, feeling. He's just saying (not singing) the words as he gives the camera a soulful gaze. He's got to go.

The highlight of the evening goes to Paula. It was jaw dropping when she thought Jason had already sung two songs. No one knew what to do or say! Simon, Randy, Ryan and the contestants were dumbstruck. Have another sip of your Coca-Cola, Paula.

MTK said...

UGHHHHHHHHH, I do not like Neil Diamond. Bluk. Not only are his songs cheesy, but even changing the arrangement didn't help. Okay, maybe David Cook did pull it off in the 2nd song, but I just had to get my Bluk in there.

Jason Castro has to go. His voice is getting annoying. Can you imagine a whole album of him? No.

Brooke sound like she is having a really hard time, if it were a contest about how nice a person is, she would win, but it's not so, she may go too.

Syesha is a great singer, I really do't know what Simon is talking about. Did I mention Jason should go?

The best for last . We love David Archuleta. He never lets us down. Great job.

Have a great night!!!

See you next week!

Vickie said...

Thank you all for agreeing with me about Neil Diamond. I thought I might offend someone, but it seems many people feel as I do. Someone must have bought his records though, right? I had to laugh when Jason sang Forever in Blue Jeans after you dreaded someone would sing that song.Can't we have repeat mentors? Let's get Stevie Wonder back again. We'll see who they throw off.
Jason, or Brooke?

cdecotis said...

Vickie, I know who bought the Neil Diamond LPs--people my parents age back in the seventies. I used to babysit for the kids of a circle of friends back in the early/mid seventies and they all had them. The parents were apparently going through some mid-life crisis thing--all of a sudden they were "really happenin', cool, and hip"...haha...some of the dads even grew their hair "ala Neil's Hot August Night"! yikes! When the soundtrack for Jonathan Livingston Seagull was released, they all scrambled out to buy it. I recall them asking me if I was into it. Hardly! haha...

Wow...poor Paula really lost it last night. For weeks now, I've been commenting to my husband just how coherent she seems this season. Oh well, she nearly made it. I feel badly for her...wonder what Leno, Letterman, and the likes will do with this? I doubt that it will all go away any time soon.

Vickie said...

Poor Paula, she was probably so bored with the sleepy songs, that she fell asleep.