Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ramiele Malubay. AP Photo

I'm sorry to see Ramiele go, but i thought she might. She really is an excellent singer and very likable, but a little hesitant on stage. I'm sure she will have a good career, though. I think she just needs more performing experience to gain some confidence.
And Kristy is still in! Hanging by a thread. Over the weeks, she has gotten better and so has Jason, but I still think Ramiele has a better voice than either of them.
Did America get it right?


Unknown said...

No, America didn't get it right. Ramiele should still be there, and Kristy should be packing her bags.

cdecotis said...

I think so. Everyone at this point is worthy of being there...making it through to the next round comes down to song choice, performance, connection with the song & audience, (and in Simon's case, the right outfit...nice to see he almost apologized to Carly last night).

While I prefer Ramiele's singing to Kristy's, Kristy had all the confidence in the world Tuesday night. For the first time, I really enjoyed her.

Vickie said...

I agree, Kristy should have been gone weeks ago.

MTK said...

We agree Kristy should have been gone weeks ago, but unfortunately Country night with Dolly saved her. Ramiele started out very strong, but seemed to get weaker over the last few weeks, maybe nerves. She will do well though. She is incredibly talented.