Thursday, April 10, 2008


Michael Johns got voted off tonight. What a surprise. I wasn't really inspired by anyone's performance on Tuesday night. Michael Johns did Dream On almost exactly like the original recording, so maybe that's why he got thrown off. He looked relieved to be leaving. I'm sure he will have a very successful career.
I'm still betting on David Archuleta to win this contest.

Bottom 3
Carly Smithson/Syesha Mercado/Michael Johns

Did America get it right this week?


Lisa Iannucci said...

i'm betting on david cook.

Susan LaGrande said...

I think I'm noticing a trend that the contestant whose song choice works best as a "goodbye" song is the one who gets voted off. Michael's song wasn't as clear as some of the others, but it was still worked better as a goodbye than any of the other contestants'. Maybe this should be a caution for the remaining singers.

cdecotis said...

I'm sorry to see Michael go so soon but based on Tuesday's performances, I think it was right to send him on his way. I enjoyed Dream On until he sang the Steven Tyler signature dream on scream at the end and it was a little creepy for me. Last night, as he sang it again during his farewell, Michael sang it more Michael-like and it was so much better.

Vickie, have you seen MTV's Rock the Cradle show (began two weeks-Thursdays 10pm)? The contestants are offspring of famed singers/musicians. They perform...are rated by judges with viewer votes determining their fate. It's been very interesting.