Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So Carly got voted off. I am really surprised. I thought she sang well last night. I guess it's not all about good singing. I thought Brooke's and Jason's singing were the weakest last night, but it also has to do with a strong stage presence, genuineness and charm. Jason and Brooke definitely have those traits. They were both very human and vulnerable. Maybe Carly isn't as charming. But she will go far. She has a powerful voice. I look forward to hearing what type of music she records.

Next week's mentor: Neil Diamond. I don't know about that. We'll see. Have a great week.

Did America get it right this week?
(I don't think so).


cdecotis said...

It's apparent Syesha and Carly were not judged so much on their performances Tuesday night, otherwise, they'd would not have been the bottom two...rather it's probably more of a cumulative thing...Over the weeks, the others must have gained more fans for whatever reasons--ability, performance, charisma, good looks, etc.

Anyway, I'm just happy Jason and Brooke were not the bottom two...that would have required their encore performances and I'm willing to bet they never want to sing ALW again!...even Jason mentioned it with pain in his face--which made me laugh.

Yes, next week is Neil Diamond. I wonder how he'll be as a mentor? I swear if I hear that awful "Forever in Blue Jeans" song, I will expire...just a warning to the contestants! haha!

Unknown said...

I cannot believe Jason is still on the show. Randy Jackson got it right, it was a train wreck. I am tired of Jason's breathy renditions (and his smirky expressions).

It's too bad the voters don't always vote for ability. I'm sure Jason has a lot of young girls dialing like crazy.

I miss Carly!

Now I'm rooting for two - the two Davids.