Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So Brooke is out and Jason is still in. I don't agree with that choice, but okay, he's got to be next to be voted off, otherwise this is not a singing contest after all, but a "cuteness" contest. I guess it's called American Idol, not America's Best Singer for a reason. Ooh, I am getting really jaded watching this show. I guess I just want to see the best singer/performer win. Is that asking so much?

Well the 2 Davids are still on, so that's hopeful.

Poor Brooke, I feel for these singers, having to perform after they've been told they are going home. That's hard to do. Ahhh, the show must go on.

Next week could be better; the songs will be from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yeah! Something a little more lively and upbeat perhaps, and a wider selection of great songs! I am looking forward to that.

Did America get it right?


cdecotis said...

(If you did not get enough of Neil Diamond, he's playing at the Times Union up here in Albany in August...there ya go!)

Well, I'm not surprised that Brooke is out...and I'm not shocked that Jason made it through either. I think Jason's fan base is so huge that even if Syesha blows everyone out of the water next week, she'll be the one to go.

Unknown said...

No, no, no! America did not get it right. Jason should have been gone long ago. Same boring performances week after week. And, his smirkiness is really bugging me. As I said before, those young girls can really dial.

Brooke wasn't the best (go 2 Davids) but she was better than Jason.

I, too, am looking forward to next week. Last night, when Neil Diamond sang, I almost fell asleep.