Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Song Week

Oh no, it's bad advice night! Quentin Tarrentino is the vocal coach????? Who told this guy he could coach singers? Everything he said I basically disagreed with. Sometimes I think the singers didn't listen to his advice. Good move on their part. Anyway, my favorites of the evening were: Adam, Danny, Anoop, and Allison, in that order. I think Matt might go this week. Who do you think will go? Who was your favorite tonight? I'd love to hear from you.

My take on the performances as they happened:

Allison Iraheta-Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Soulful singing, great riffing. She's a rocker. Great performance. Ouch, her voice sounds shot for good. Too much screaming. Sad at age 16.
Anoop Desai-I Do It For You-Nice job singing. Good performance. Impressive.
Adam Lambert-Born to Be Wild-Wow! Amazing!!!!!!! I'm speechless. He's so free and so is his voice. What a range, what energy, what fun!!!!!
Matt Giraud-Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman-Great piano playing, mostly good singing with some pitchy rough spots, it wasn't his best performance.
Danny Gokey-Endless Love-Good singing, I find this song quite sappy, but he put some edge into it. He's always soulful, he touches my heart. This song had to be a really hard song for him to sing considering he recently lost his wife. I think Quentin Tarrentino's advice to him was totally bogus. I guide my students to use their hands more to help express themselves. He told Danny to put his hands in his pockets.
Kris Allen-Falling Slowly-I liked how the song built up. That song touches me. He didn't do it originally, but he did it well. Nice singing.
Lil Rounds-The Rose-Oh oh, sounded like she was sharp the entire song. Not a good song choice for her. She's a great singer, but she hasn't chosen the right songs latley. I think she's losing her confidence. She'll have a great career, no doubt.

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cdecotis said...

Haha...having Tarrentino give advice to the contestants is like me giving them all tips...oh dear.

Anyway, Adam, of course, is in a league by himself. I really enjoyed Kris, Anoop, and Danny. Allison was 5th on my list...I liked her performance...Lil and Matt-not so much.

One of the reasons I enjoyed Kris is that he did not sing some really tired old song. I would be happy never to hear The Rose, Endless Love or Don't Want to Miss a Thing again.

I completely agree with you about the ridiculous "keep your hands in your pocket" advice for Danny. I would think being unable to move freely would be so distracting to a singer.

Who will be voted off tonight? Matt, maybe Lil. Probably Matt.