Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4/1/09 Results

Well, I'm glad Megan is going home. She was the weakest singer of the 9 left. She seemed quite angry at Simon (isn't everyone?) and happy to be leaving and getting home to her son. I am sure good things will happen for her now in her career; as a model, singer, who knows what else? Anyway, let the contest continue. Next week, songs from the year the finalists were born. That could be fun. I'll be on the radio tomorrow at 7:35 AM to talk more about the results: tune into
Morning Mix 97.7 FM live.
Did America get it right? Who's next to go?


Lisa Iannucci said...

yes, they got it right, but megan really made a huge business mistake. simon could've made her career -- he was behind her all the way from the beginning and then you totally disrespect the man in front of millions of people. so much for smarts. she doesn't have 'em.

Vickie said...

Yes, true, but isn't Simon always disrespectful? I liked that she was acting kind of goofy. I'm sure she will still have a career regardless of the disrespect for Simon.