Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Top i-tune Downloads Night

Well, maybe I'm getting jaded or something. but I wasn't that thrilled with the show tonight; though I thoroughly enjoyed Adam Lambert as usual. I got goosebumps when I heard his name. Now that's anticipation! Danny Gokey moved me with his passion. Lil Rounds sang her heart out- she is a powerhouse, alright. Those are consistently my 3 favorites in that order, and I haven't really strayed from them since the beginning of this contest. Megan's got to go. She just isn't chooosing the right songs for her highly stylized voice. Who do you think should go?

Here's my take on the performances tonight:

Anoop Desai-Hold On Me-Lots of confidence and energy.
Megan Joy-Turn Your Lights Down Low-her voice was really irritating me, pitchy, wrong song for her. I think she's next to go.
Danny Gokey-What Hurts the Most-I thought it was too high for him, he had some control/pitch problems, but his stage presence, charm and soul won me over. One of my favorites!
Allison Iraheta-Don't Speak-Nice guitar playing, didn't know she played.
Scott MacIntyre-Just the Way You Are-He has a lot of talent, but every week he comes across to me like Barry Manilow. Kind of schmaltzy. Nice voice, beuatiful piano playing, and a sweet person to boot. Not my taste.
Matt Giraud-You Found Me-The beginning was shaky, and then it got better as it went. Where was his soul tonight? I couldn't really feel him in this song.
Lil Rounds-I Surrender-Good singing, pitchy at times, but what a voice! I missed her spunk tonight.
Adam Lambert-Play that Funky Music-Wow!!!! He's in a class by himself. Truly the most original performer I've ever seen on American Idol. What a singer/performer/persona! I'm speechless. He actully missed a couple of notes. Good to know he is human!
Kris Allen-Ain't No Sunshine-Nice singing, good piano playing, nice arrangement. He really didn't move me, but he did a good job.


cdecotis said...

My favorites last night were Kris-loved the performance, love the song. Adam- it was hard to get past that stupid song, but he was great. Danny- showed the most emotion and connection with the audience...and Lil, who can sing like anything,of course--it's a given.

I think the bottom three will be Meagan, Matt, and Anoop--with Meagan getting the boot tonight. I wish she could have gotten herself together because I think she would have been really interesting and unique to the cast of contestants.

Scott gets "most improved" this week, though I agree that he's a little too sweet. I can picture him in a duet with Debbie Boone.

Re: Allison's outfit...she should have consulted with my mother who would have told her "never wear white shoes before Memorial Day". Yes, it was goofy, but it's okay at 16.

Vickie said...

Right on with your prediction! We were both right, Megan is going home. I agree with you on all points. On to the radio show for me.