Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 13-songs of Michael Jackson

Tonight's show was exciting! So far, I am sincerely enjoying this season due to so many exceptional singers. What a pleasure for this singer! I am sticking with my favorite performers; tonight being no exception: Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey. Micahel Jackson has a huge catolog of great songs, with a huge variety in style, from R&B to soul, to rock to pop, and the contestants utilized the styles to their advantage. I was most disappointed with Anoop. He is such a likable guy, but that was such a bad song choice for him. Michael Sarver was a pleasant surprise tonight. Scott MacIntyre was a bit sleepy. Well, you can check my critiques below. Who will be voted out tomorrow? Maybe Anoop and Megan.

Lil Rounds-The Way You Make Me Feel-She makes it all look so easy. Great performer! Great singer! She's so unique and herself. There were moments where my mind wandered, which I thought was strange.There seemed to be a lull in the middle of the song.
Scott MacIntyre-Keep the Faith-Almost seemed in the beginning, a little Barry Manilow-ish, got more fiery toward the end, though.
Danny Gokey-PYT-Wow great performance! So much energy, great voice, Lot's of soul. Love him. A little bit of oversinging and pitchiness, but what energy!
Michael Sarver-You Are Not Alone- That was really great singing and he made it his own style. I didn't know he could sing that well. Impressive!
Jasmine Murray-I'll Be There-She sang well. A few unsure notes, but nice. She really didn't do anything different from the original except for the last note.
Kris Allen-Remember the Time-Jazzy rendition, interesting take on the song. Different, original. I liked it. Good singing!
Allison Iraheta-Give In to Me, Great Performer! She's only 16????? Amazing! She's a rocker alright. But, she's pushing her voice too hard, hope her voice lasts through the competition. I can hear her hoarseness when she speaks. Not a good sign.
Anoop Desai-Beat It-Fun, good singer. Not a great song choice for him. kind of corny.
Jorge Nunez-Never Can Say Goodbye-Nice singing, a little out of control tonight, not a great song for him, a bit corny.
Megan Joy Corkrey-Rockin' Robin-Made it her own, she's got her own style. It was fun. She seemed a little awkward in moving around. Not a great song for her voice.
Adam Lambert-Black or White-Great performer! Made it his own. Wow. What energy! Sang great. Last note was off. Wow, wow, wow. That's all I can say.
Matt Giraud-Human Nature-Nice, unique, good song choice. He can really riff. Soulful.
Alexis Grace-Dirty Diana-She pushes her voice too much. good attitude, but I think she chooses songs that are way bigger than her voice is capable. I think she should be a country artist.

Who do you think had the best performance? I think Adam.


cdecotis said...

Gee, I pretty much agree with everything you commented on. Last night was great! Lil', Adam, and Danny were my favs...and I also think Anoop and Megan will be at the bottom tonight. With so much talent this season, it'll come down to who has the most fans getting through on the lines. I stopped voting a few seasons ago...do you vote, Vickie?

Oh yeah, Simon could've shut it on multiple occasions last night...what a poop. Poor Anoop looked so deflated.

Vickie said...

No, I don't vote, I just observe. Yes, poor Anoop, he seemed very discouraged. And yes, Simon is so rude at times.