Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Third Round of 12

There is so much that goes into these performances: the technical aspect of the vocals, stage presence, the outfit, the persona, calming the nerves. There were some great performances tonight. This group had more outstanding talent than the first two groups. Hard to predict who will be the 3 finalists out of this group.
My favorites of the evening were:
Lil Rounds, Von Smith and I also liked:
Ju'Not Joyner, Felicia Barton, Nathaniel Marshall, Scott MacIntyre and Jorge Nunez
If had to pick one from these 5, I would have to choose Felicia Barton. Really a hard choice. Glad I don't have to choose. This is going to be a good season. There is major talent here.
My take on the performances:

Von Smith-sounded great, wow! He took Simon's advice to heart and sang with more dynamics . He seems less manic, more balanced and has great stage presence. And he can really sing! Fantastic performance. One of the finalists for sure.
Taylor Vaifanua-If I Ain't Got You-She sang really well for a 17 year old, but her energy seemed a little low. I thought the key was a little low for her also. She could have chosen a bit higher key to put some zing into her vocals. I think she played it too safe. Good singer.
Alex Wagner -Trugman-I Guess Why They Call it the Blues-Wrong song for him, he's got a lot of soul and this song doesn't have a whole lot of soul.
Arianna Afsar-The Winner Takes it All-Bad song choice, she riffed too much on the song, but she really has a great voice. She pushed her voice a bit too much. Not bad for a 17 year old.
Ju'Not Joyner-Hey Delilah-Nice vocals. He's a good singer. Nice performance!
Kristen MacNamara-Give Me One Reason-Somehow it was corny, old fashioned ; even though she can really sing. She has a little identity problem. She is a likable person.
Nathaniel Marshall-I Would Do Anythin For Love-Confident performer, not a great song choice. Good singer! Fun person, hope he gets another chance.
Felicia Barton-No One-Good voice, she pushed her voice a bit, but she has a lot of talent. Impressive. The song was very similar to the original, but it was fun just the same.
Scott MacIntyre-Mandolin Rain-Nice singing, I just want him to be a finalist. He's so likable.
Kendall Beard-This One's for the Girl-Not a great vocal performance, pitchy, out of control, but she knows who she is, and that's a good thing.
Jorge Nunez-Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me-pitchy at the beginning, got better as he went. Nice voice. Very passionate performance. (And I really don't like that song-but he made it enjoyable to listen to)
Lil Rounds-Great performance! Wow, my favorite performance of the evening, confident, great stage presence.

Who do you think should be the 3 chosen from tonight?


cdecotis said...

I think tonight's top three will be Lil' Rounds, Jorge Nunez, and Scott MacIntyre...though I think Felicia Barton and Ju'Not Joyner are worthy (but if I ever hear "Hey Delilah" again...ack!)

Nathaniel Marshall sounded good, but I did not like his choice of songs...while I think the theatrical feel of a Meat Loaf song was perfect, I didn't think his voice was big enough. Having seen ML many times, I know he completely blows away a crowd--so powerful.

I agree that Kristen's performance was corny...but she does have a nice sound to her...and Alex...why do I like that kid so much? I thought his performance was all wrong, but I love his personality. He's like my friends were way back in high school.

Vickie said...

What about Von Smith?