Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Results From Disco Night

This was an interesting results show. It was fun watching Paula choreograph the opening group number. They did well for the most part, for not being dancers.

Then we had to watch the painful Dinosaurs of Disco:
Freda Payne -ooh that was painful. She seemed like she couldn't catch her breath after walking down the stairs and was winded for her entire song. Thelma Houston could still sing and rule the stage, but she was wearing a micro mini negligee that for me was distracting and somehow uncomfortable to watch. Then KC of the Sunshine Band came out. Ouch again, his vocals were weak and he looked like he needed to get on some sort of exercise program. It's hard being a performer; you can't let yourself go, because you are putting yourself up in front of people that are going to judge every aspect of you. For the most part, I just want to hear good singing. If that's not happening, I start noticing everything else that's distracting. Why do these people want to perform on American Idol and be compared to young, hopeful, energetic singers. This season, the contestants are so good, that these established stars can't hold a candle to the current finalists.
I was sad to see David Archuletta singing a mundane pop song. I'm a big fan! His heart didn't seem to be in it. The song was so mundane, and during Season 7, he chose many deep songs that he connected to spiritually, like Imagine, that had depth to them. Ah, the music business. Once you're signed, you lose control of your creativity for the most part. It's all about money. Sad.

And then Lil and Anoop left. Love them both. Sorry to see them go. Both are really talented and likable and I am sure they will both do well in their careers. Best of luck to them. I think Matt should have gone. I would guess he or Allison are next to go.

Did America get it right?

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