Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Twelve Result Night

Well, the 3 they chose tonight out of last night's 12 are: Alexis, Michael, and Danny. Yeah, Danny!!!! That's a no brainer. But Ricky was a really good singer. Sorry to see him go. How did Michael get chosen over Anoop? Anoop was one of my favorites. I'm disappointed. I think even Michael was surprised he got chosen. He is a likable guy, but not outstanding. I was listening to Alexis' voice tonight. She'd better stop singing Aretha songs or she'll be out of the contest soon. Her voice isn't cut out for that kind of belting, and I could hear the strain in her voice tonight. I thought she was doing an Aretha impression last night, not singing her own style. She's going to need some serious voice coaching right away, or she could rupture a vocal cord. Ta Ta Tatianna! Enough drama from her, lets's get on to the real singing.
They gave us a preview of next week's 12 and there are so many great singers in there. I don't know how they will choose only 3. Adam has to be one! I am looking forward to it.
So did America get it right tonight?

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cdecotis said...

I was sorry to see Anoop go too...I was certain he had the spot over Michael.

I did not recognize too many of the contestants slated for next week, other than Nick. I'll be sure to watch for Adam.