Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood-Group Day

What a wild show! I must confess, I've never even heard of Group Day before tonight. You see, I'd always thought that Simon was so mean that I refused to watch the show until 2 years ago, when a new student, who I mentioned last week in my blog, came to me to learn how to sing so that she could audition for American Idol. Every week she would come in and ask me if I'd seen this singer or that and what did I think of them. So after awhile I thought I should start being more involved in these discussions with my students. That's really what got me started watching. Then the Poughkeepsie Journal asked me to blog last year from the perspective of a performer and vocal coach. So now I am for a second year in a row committed to watching the whole season. But I only started watching when the 12 finalists were chosen last year. I didn't know all this stuff went on before! I am totally worn out by it all.
Tonight was so crazy! It was like I was thrown backstage into the middle of a high school play. That seemed like the level of professionalism and maturity in many of the groups. I guess that's what they are trying to create for high ratings. DRAMA! Spare me, there's enough drama in the world already!
What I did enjoy was watching the great singing. There really are some amazing singers on this show and I am looking forward to hearing them for more than 15 seconds at a time. Every time I see Danny Gokey my jaw drops; he can really sing! And so can Adam Lambert & Anoop Desai; I mean, wow, these guys have got to make it to the finals. they are really good. I am looking forward to hearing more from them. I guess David Osmond got cut tonight, that's surprising,; but he doesn't need this show to make him; he's got a few connections in show biz.
Did Von Smith make it? I didn't see him tonight.
Ah yes, Norman Gentle made it through again. Love that guy! Funnnnnnnny!
I like Jasmine, she's really got something special too.
Well, I have to admit, I am looking forward to next week for more Hollywood adventures.
Who are you rooting for so far? Who do you think will be a finalist?

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