Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hollywood Week Day 4

The focus was more on the singing than on the dramas tonight. I couldn't take another week of group dramas like last week.
There really is some great talent this year. As a singer and performer myself, I am most impressed with: Adam, Danny, and Lil Rounds; incredible voices and stage presence. I also have been enjoying: Anoop, Stevie Wright, Mishavonna, Leneshe Young and of course, Norman Gentle.
I felt really angry that they made the singers wait for hours in 4 holding rooms while the judges made their decisions. Couldn't they let the poor, exhausted performers go back to their rooms and rest till they decide? The whole show just seems to be about making these people as stressed out as possible. Does some poll say people will watch TV more if the people are stressed out? Do they think it's suspenseful? I don't enjoy watching it. Maybe because I've been in similar situations as a performer. I just want to see them singing and happy and doing their best. And let them sleep for goodness sake! It's hard to sing without sleep; you get dehydrated and then hoarse. Your body is your instrument. It's crazy.
Anyway, when the judges went from room to room to tell the singers if they were going to continue or not on the show, I thought it horribly cruel how they pretended they were going to send them home. Why? Just go in and tell them if they made it or not. I don't remember TV being this cruel when I was a kid. Has humanity changed that much? I thought they were going to have to take Tatianna out in a straight-jacket. Poor thing; she was losing her mind in all the suspense. And that poor homeless girl, she didn't make it. I thought she was good. Let her stay. She deserves it.
So who are your favorites? Any of the list below?

Stevie Wright
Lil Rounds
Alexis Grace
Norman Gentle
Leneshe Young

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cdecotis said...

I still like Danny best...though, I like Anoop and Scott too. Oh no, I can't forget Nick/Norman! I also didn't think the girl who grew up homeless deserved to be offed...nope, didn't get that one at all. I too, wonder if Tatianna will recover from last night's show..??...