Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hollywood Week-the Last Night-the Top 36

Yes, finally a fun show! We got to hear and know the singers a bit more. I am really impressed with the high caliber of talent this year. After seeing the 36 chosen, still my favorites are: Adam, Danny, Lil Rounds, Anoop, Von, Jasmine, Norman/Nick and more that I haven't really heard enough from.
I agreed with the choices of the top 36 except for Jamar. They shouldn't have let him go. He's way too good. Tatiana, still seems to be teetering on a nervous breakdown, but maybe that's her shtick. Speaking of shtick, Norman Gentle made it into the top 36. Love that guy!

The Mean Report:

The meaness tonight was when the exhausted performers were sent into the "judgement room" and then made to believe they didn't make it when they had. Again, why do they prolong the stress for these poor people, fooling them into thinking they didn't make it when they did? It's cruel, and I hate cruel. I think I'd stand up and yell at them if I were a contestant. But, hey, that's me. The sing offs were cruel also, pitting 2 people against each other. Who thinks of these situations, Simon? The Devil? (One in the same.)
I sincerely am looking forward to next week to hear some good singing! That's what it's about for me. I could totally do without Simon.


Anoop Desai-in (good)
Von Smith-in (good)
Cody Sheldon-sing off-out
Alex Wagner-sing off-wins (good)
Adam Lambert-in (great!) Why is he in this? He shuld be a star already!
Taylor Vaifanua-17 years old-in
Jasmine Murray-in (good)
Arianna Afasr-in
Casey Carlson-in
Megan Corkrey-in
Stevie Wright-in (good)
Joanna Pacitti-in (been signed)
Kendall Beard-in
Kristin Macnamara-sing off-in
Jen Korbee-sing off-out
Alexis Grace (married)-in
Scott MacIntire-(blind)-in
Lil Rounds-(mother of 3)-in
Frankie Jordan-sing off-out
Jessie Langseth-sing off-in
Allison Iraheta-(16 yrs old)-in
Jamar-out, I think he is great! Mistake!
Danny Gokey-in (GREAT!)
Rickey Braddy-in
Matt Giraud-in (good)
Juno Joyner-in
Brent Keith-in
Steven Fowler-in (even though he forgot his words)
Nick Mitchel-Norman Gentle-in! Whoo!
Tatiana Del Toro-in
Jacke Tohn-in
Jackie Midkiff-sing off-out
Nathaniel Marshall-sing off-in
Ann Marie Boskovich-in
Matt Breitzke-sing off-in
Michael Sarver -(oil rigger) sing off-in

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