Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finals Night 5/19/09

Okay, Adam is my choice by a landslide. That's really all I have to say.

Adam Lambert-Mad World-Cool, Wow! Speechless! Fantastic!
Kris Alan-Ain't No Sunshine-Nice job, original.
I think Adam won the first round.
Adam Lambert-Change Is Gonna Come-Whoa! ! His vocal control and range are amazing. His dynamics and stage presence, captivating.
Kris Alan-What's Goin' On-I wasn't very moved by that performance. It was nice, but not anything special.
Adam wins the second round.
Adam Lambert-No Boundaries-Why did they make him sing that song? It was such a mediocre song!!!!! Poor Adam.
Kris Alan-No Boundaries-No one wins singing that lousy song! I guess Kara is counting her money now, but who decided they should
The song suited Kris better, but they both lost if you ask me.

Who do you think should win?


cdecotis said...

The first round: Loved both the guys' performances

2nd: Enjoyed Adam minus the high notes...I'm so over those. Kris was nice, but he didn't move the earth with that performance.

Round 3: Another stupid Idol song...ugh. I think Simon was mocking it a bit after Adam's turn.

Based on last night, I think Adam should win...but, I think the fans are going to go with Kris. I have a feeling the Danny fans, the preteens, and the old ladies are going to rally in the voting. At least Adam would not have to be tied to the Idol winner's theme song. Adam did compliment Kara on her song...I think he was only being polite.

Chi Chi said...

Wow!!! Honestly, I think the results are better for everyone. I love Adam but winning Idol would have held him back big time. He's so much bigger than this show...he'll be a star. I think this is a nice boost for Kris, he fits better in the traditional mold.

JLavoie said...

Kris Allen didn't blow me away last night, but I really did not like Adam's last two songs. As for whether Kris will succeed, time will tell. My advice to Adam: hit a high note once in a song, and do some songs without those crazy high notes. They turned me off after a while. It's the first time in a while I didn't vote the whole season: they just didn't inspire me that much. I liked last season much better.