Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finals Night- Results 5/20/09

Kirs Allen won. Did America get it right? Nooooooooo!
Yes, Kris is a good singer and a likable guy, but Adam has the goods. Kris couldn't believe he won and even said that it should have been Adam. Well, luckily these guys all are good friends by now and are supportive of each other, so no hard feelings (much to Simon's chagrin). I'm sure Adam will have a great career. Kris will be a pop star, but Adam will be a mega-star.
It was so satisfying to watch Adam sing with Kiss and Queen tonight. I was grinning from ear to ear. He just fit right in. I've never had so much fun watching Idol, as when I watched Adam perform; he's been so unpredictable and original, a breath of fresh air! It's been a great season.
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Unknown said...

I know Adam has a great voice and I will give you that he is much stronger vocally than Kris. There is absolutely no way I could dispute that. However... I found that I did not care for someone who screamed at me every week during some part of the song, even when it is pitch perfect. It's just my choice and taste in music (and I do love many genres including rock). I dare to say, there are probably a lot of folks (many friends of mine and acquaintances on various BB) who feel the same way. I'm sure Kris got a lot of the votes that would have gone to Danny - Paula said that in the news the other day. Does that seem fair - probably not. Should Adam have won? Probably... But I for one will be far more inclined to buy Kris's CD than Adam's. Many of these folks liked Adam for his "look" or what he would bring to the table each week...which does not come across on a CD. Will he survive the long haul on his own, or only as a front man for a band or in the theatre where he will surely be spectacular? I am sure he will have a wonderful career and he seems to be a very down to earth young man, as does Kris. I will look forward to see where both these young men are in a few years. But for tonight, I am glad that Kris won !!
I enjoyed reading your take on things during the show. More often than not, our opinions were fairly close on everyone but Adam. But that's ok! Hope you do it again next year!