Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Judge's Choice/Singer's Choice 5/12/09

Judge's Choice/Singer's Choice

Always an interesting night when the judges give their choice of song and when the singers pick their own songs. I like to see who the judges think the singers are and also who the singers themselves think they are. For the most part, the songs worked well tonight. Adam was amazing as always and Kris did surprisingly well on the second song. Danny always touches my heart. Here's my take on tonight's performances:

Danny Gokey-Dance Little Sister-Lots of energy, limited range in the song, but he performed great! I wouldn't have chosen it for him.
Kris Allen-Apologize-It sounded a lot like the original, nothing that special to me.
Adam Lambert-One-Cool, what an arrangement, what a range, what control, what a voice!!!!!!!!! So original! I'm speechless!
Danny Gokey-You Are So Beautiful-Not my favorite song, but he sang it with great artistry. Such a nice voice, and soulful as always.
Kris Allen-Heartless-That was a great performance, with so much originality, great feel on the guitar and his voice soared. It was so intimate with him just playing guitar and singing by himself. Impressive! This is going to be a close competition!
Adam Lambert-Cryin'-Wow, I never understood those words before! He puts so much passion and presence behind his performances, besides an amazing voice and unique interpretation. My mother just commented, "he's like Tina Turner, in his star quaility and confident delivery." Incredible charisma. Give the man the trophy already!!!!!
Who should go home tomorrow? Kris? I still like Danny and Adam best, but Adam is my favorite!


JLavoie said...

I think the best song of the night was Danny's second song. I never liked the original cut of that song, but I like his version of it. One of the judges was right- it was a vocal master class! Actually, I hated Adam's last song. I finally figured out that the contortion he makes in his throat while high produce an almost claw on the chalkboard reaction in me. Plus, he does it too often. He'll still win, but he's not my favorite idol of all time. Kris Allen's last song was nice vocally, but I didn't like the too simplistic accompaniment. I was waiting at the end of the first four phrases for the band to pick up and play with him. I think it will be Adam and Danny in the final.

cdecotis said...

My pick for the night was Danny, hands down.

I also strongly disliked Adam's "One"...ugh, those high notes (and there were many) were like a drill in my ear...I can't take it. His A'smith song was better for me though.

I didn't know Kris' first song...liked "Heartless"--enjoyed the stripped down/acoustic version.

Kris will probably be voted off because the other two seem to be far more popular...I don't think each night's performances really matter when fans vote. I think most already have their minds made up.

Chi Chi said...

I actually did not like "Cryin" from Adam at all, even though I do enjoy him as a performer. I liked Danny's first song better than his second. I loved "Heartless" from Kris, and I liked his first song too. I think all 3 of them are very worthy and they all should be proud of themselves for getting this far, but I think Kris is done just because there's no way he's as popular as the other two.