Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock Night with Slash as Mentor 5/5/09

This was an interesting night. Slash didn't impress me with his coaching one bit. What can you say to someone like Adam, "hey you are better than anyone I know, so do your thing". Adam was scintillating. Everyone else was okay in comparison. The duet with Adam and Allison was fun to watch; they were obviously having a great time. I think Kris and Danny were out of their element. Time for Kris to go. What do you think?

Adam Lambert-Whole Lot of Love-Wow, Amazing! He's better than Robert Plant himself! Jeez! Just give the guy the award and let's end idol now! Rock, theater, he can do it all. Ridiculous! What presence, what a voice!
Allison Iraheta-Cry Baby-It was a little too much like the original, and also, the lyrics are too old for her. Her heart didn't seem into it, even though she did put a lot of energy into her performance. But Joplin is the obvious choice for her to sing. Every week, her voice gets raspier and raspier. Hope she gets voted off this week so she can rest it.
Duet with Danny Gokey & Kris Allen-Renegade-Weird, neither of them are rockers. Nice harmonies. The song didn't suit them.
Kris Allen-Come Together-He did a good job, even though this isn't his style.
Danny Gokey-Dream On-Oooh, bad choice, only Adam could carry off this song except for Aerosmith themselves.
Duet with Allison and Adam-Slow Ride-Great duet, great pairing! Fun to watch, you could tell Allison was having the time of her life!


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more; i've been saying that for weeks! give adam the titel and just enjoy the ride to see who gets second place!

cdecotis said...

Here's my take on last night...
Adam, of course, was way ahead (though, I strongly disagree that Adam is better than Robert Plant)

My second choice was Kris rather than Allison...I loved his version of Come Together, while Allison's was too much like the original.

Danny had a horrible night (and I was so sorry to see that---love that guy).

The duets...I agree the harmonies were sweet w/ Danny and Kris, while the song came across as uncomfortable and a little weird. Adam and Allison were far better, but I still found myself giggling just a little...I don't know, I guess all the hair, the eyeliner, the "badass" clothing, the lighting was too much for me.

So based on last night's solo performances, Danny should be on the bottom...not sure, if he'll be voted off though...but I don't think Kris deserves the boot. He was better than Danny.

cdecotis said...

I forgot to mention Slash...I didn't think he was so great in the mentoring department...Superb guitarist but does he even sing? Jamie Foxx was still my favorte this season.

I still wish Idol would tap into the talents of Todd Rundgren...he composes amazing songs, sings the crap out of them, can play any instrument, and has produced some all time greats-just worked on the NY Dolls new cd. TR could teach those kids a thing or two or three, for sure.

I love this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjJUtdc0bhU and at 60, he's still kicking butt with his new music:

Chi Chi said...

I think Kris was better than Danny tonight too. That was a terrible song choice by Danny. I like him but he overreached on this one. Adam was amazing as usual.

I don't think Danny will be voted off though, he's just too likable. And I really think a lot of people don't like Adam because he's so theatrical. I love him, and I love his style, but I worry for him sometimes. Danny is non-threatening.

I see Kris and Allison being in the bottom tonight even though based on performance, Danny should go.

Vickie said...

I agree with you all, that last night, Danny seemed more out of his element than Kris. But Danny's been more consistent all these weeks. At this point, do people vote on the individual performances of the week or on the singers themselves?