Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jamie Foxx as Mentor-Movie Songs

So Jamie Foxx was the mentor tonight. He coached the contestants well. As a talented musician and performer himself, he knows what he's talking about.
The song choices were a little strange this evening, kind of mellow songs for the most part. My favorite performances were the two duets and Big Mike's solo. Crystal was great too. Casey was pretty blase, although he tried his best. And Lee was a bit boring for me. Who deserves to leave? Casey. Mike is still my favorite; that voice: silky and smooth.

Lee Dewyze-Kiss from a Rose
Oh,oh. Lee is having vocal problems. He's been pushing his voice and is losing control now from the strain. His rendition sounded exactly like the original Seal song, except he seemed unsure on the bridge and had a hard time staying on key.
Michael Jackson-Will You Be There
Great performance. He moved me with his passion and his beautiful voice. I agree with Simon; he put 100% into it. I don't get it. Were the other judges listening to someone else?
Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox duet-Falling Slowly
Passionate singing. Nice job! I enjoyed that very much. Much better than the original.
Casey James-Mrs. Robinson
Weird song choice. Didn't do much for me. Still a lot of tension in his voice. Not much depth to his presentation.
Crystal Bowersox-I'm Alright
That was a cool version of the song. Fun. Good performance!
Michael Lynche and Casey James duet-Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Beautiful guitar playing, their voices blended well. Nice rendition. The power of 2 is always better than 1.
Who do you think should go home?

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cdecotis said...

First off, I loved Jamie Foxx. Also, the duets were excellent.

The solos...Crystal and Casey were my favorites, but I didn't like Crystal's song choice (it's me--not a fan of that tune for anyone). I didn't think Casey's was weird, rather a little uncomfortable. Glad he's trying to do something different though. I enjoyed Big Mike's and I was sorry Lee had a tough time.

So, based on last night's solos only, Lee should go home.