Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frank Sinatra Night-Harry Connick Jr. Mentors

Tonight's songs were a challenge for the contestants, except for Big Mike, who seems to have experience performing all styles of music. Harry Connick Jr. was an effective mentor; he gave sound advice helping the performers connect more to the lyrics; his humor made him less intimidating to the singers so they could relax and take in his ideas. Funny guy, he charmed me.

Who do I think will get the least votes tonight? Casey James. Boo hoo, he looked good tonight. Best performance, who else? Big Mike. Lee and Crystal were strong too.

Aaron Kelly-Fly Me to the Moon
He sang that well! He was a little stiff and timid, not believable, but his voice sounded great.
Casey James-Blue Skies
He was out of his element, and looked uncomfortable. He sure got a bad review from the judges! Poor guy! Looks great in a suit, cleans up well!
Crystal Bowersox-Summer Wind
She's also out of her element, but she did a good job with it. I detected some nerves, but who wouldn't be nervous singing with Harry Connick Jr. for the first time on TV? I didn't like the arrangement, it covered up her vocals at times. Shame on you Harry!
Michael Lynche-The Way You Look Tonight
Great job! He knows how to sing any style. Very comfortable in his skin, and charming. Such a joy to watch and listen to.
Lee Dewyze-That's Life
He did a good job! He was totally into it, confident and committed. His best performance yet. The arrangement was a bit busy, overpowering the vocals again.

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Who do you think will get sent home?


cdecotis said...

With Casey and Crystal being my usual favorites, I was sorry to see Casey not having a great night.
I thought he gave it a good try though.

Crystal was lovely and I enjoy her week after week. Aaron did very well too.

Mike sailed through his performance for sure...and I was glad to see Lee have a great week. I actually enjoyed his performance--a sharp contrast to last week's.

So as much as it pains me to say it, I think Casey will be voted off(ugh). It gets tough in these final weeks.

Vickie said...

I agree with you on Casey.