Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Results Show for Shania Twain Night

Great to read your comments from yesterday's show. I'm with you, Chi-Chi, and luckily, Mike is still in the ring. Yay!
So Siobahn got the boot tonight. That was surprising, because I thought she was more well-liked than the others. I think she is one of the 3 best singers/performers left, including: Mike and Crystal. Lee and Casey have some issues with their voices and are more self-conscious performers; and of course Aaron is still so young, but he is a very good singer for his age.
It's tough at this point to send anyone home, since they all have their strengths. I would have sent Aaron, Lee or Casey home tonight.
Siobahn has been a very interesting and entertaining finalist and I've enjoyed being surprised every week by her quirky fashion choices, song selections, and unique singing approach. I'm sure she will have a strong vocal career if she so chooses.
Did America get it right?

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Chi Chi said...

Thank you for agreeing with me! I have no vocal talent whatsoever, so it makes me feel good to hear a vocal coach agree with me.

I actually don't hate Siobhan's voice though it may have seemed that way. I think she deserved to go based on the performances but I also feel the judges did her a disservice.

The first time she hit that note it was unexpected and amazing. They flattered her so much that it became her "go-to", and that is something you have to know when to use and when not to, IMO. Like Adam, last year was good for those kinds of notes, but when he sang "The Tracks of My Tears," it was very subdued. He knew exactly when to belt and when not to. Siobhan needs to learn that lesson.

That's my humble opinion anyway and I am looking forward to next week!