Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elvis Week-Adam Lambert Mentor

The theme tonight was Elvis songs. Adam Lambert was an effective mentor. He got right to the heart of what each performer needed and was honest and direct and very helpful. There were some outstanding performances resulting from his guidance. My favorites were: Big Mike, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. They are sending home 2 people tomorrow night. My prediction would be: Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly. Though I wish it would be Tim Urban, I know it won't be.
Here are the details of my observations:

Crystal Bowersox-Saved
That was great, she was a lot more expressive, wild and free tonight. Great arrangement.

Andrew Garcia-Houndog
Strange rendition, where is his style in all this? He didn't take Adam's advice really. Not a good song choice, very limited melody; he's really a jazzy r&b singer and this song couldn't lend itself to that style well. His performance dragged on from the first note. I think Andrew is in danger of being sent home.

Tim Urban-Can't Help Falling In Love
Pitchy, his nerves got the best of him. Nice guitar playing, simple arrangement. Did no one else hear his shakiness but me?

Lee Dewyze-Little Less Conversation
More animated than usual, went for it with his singing, made it current. Adam gave really good advice tonight and he followed it well. Best he's done.

Aaron Kelly-Blue Suede Shoes
That song really didn't fit his style. I wanted him to change the arrangement into country. It's a sexy song, and he puts out a very young vibe; he wasn't believable with this. But as usual, his vocals were very good. Kinda karaoke.

Siobahn Magnus-Suspicious Minds
Interesting arrangement, I liked it. Great vocals.

Michael Lynche-In The Ghetto
Beautiful singing, such a simple arrangement. Loved it. I am soothed by his voice, the second he opens his mouth. Great storytelling from his heart! He moves me.

Katie Stevens-Baby What Do You Want Me to Do
Her vocals were great, her pitch problems have been resolved, but, I didn't feel her emotions were sincere. She was too pleasant. She seemed like she was acting the emotion of frustration, not coming from her center. Adam's advice was good, but she could have taken it further.

Casey James-Laudy Miss Claudy
Good performance, but nothing to write home about.

Who were your favorites? So who do you think will be sent home?

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