Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration week-Alicia Keys Mentor

Tonight Alicia Keys was the mentor. She had some good advice to give, but it really didn't seem to help the performers. This evening's show wasn't inspiring, even though it was inspirational song night. My favorite performance was Crystal's. Everyone else was a let down. Who will get sent home tomorrow? Either Aaron or Tim. Hopefully Tim.
My take on the singers this week:

Casey James-Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Good song choice, he was more animated this week. I thought he did a good job. Eye candy!
Lee Dewyze-The Boxer
Inspirational? I think not. He really didn't pull me in with that song. I didn't like the way he changed the form of the song. But the judges loved it. He sang it well, and seems more confident as the weeks go by.
Tim Urban-Better Days
Good song choice for him, but he seemed pitchy and shaky.
Aaron Kelly-I Believe I Can Fly
Good singing, but it seemed like it was too technically difficult a song for him.
Siobahn Magnus-There Can be Miracles
This was a good song for her, a sleepy arrangement, but I liked the way she did it, very unusual. She's got so much control over her vocal, and no screeching tonight.
Michael Lynche-Hero
First time he's been a little pitchy since he's been on the show. This wasn't my favorite song choice of his or performance, but I'm still a fan.
Crystal Bowersox-People Get Ready
Best performance of the night. The high notes were a little too high for her. She got quite emotional at the end. Doesn't compare to Eva Cassidy's version of the same song though.

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