Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beatles Week

I love the Beatles, so this was a grand night for me; no goofy mentors, just good songs and some really interesting performances. My favorite performance of the night was Big Mike as usual. He's just in a league of his own. I sound like a broken record, I know. I liked Casey James' performance as well. Much improved. Crystal was good as usual, she makes it all look so easy. Katie improved greatly the last two weeks, so who do I think will be voted off? Hard to tell; I think Tim Urban should go,(I've been saying that for weeks) but he seems to have quite a fan base. Aaron Kelly's performance tonight wasn't great, but he's so much better than Tim Urban. I fear Aaron might get the hook tomorrow. That would be a shame, he's a good singer. Well we'll see. My take on the evening's performances:

Aaron Kelly-The Long and Winding Road
Nice singing, but it was a bit boring.

Katie Stevens-Let It Be
Well sung, good pitch for a second week in a row. She had a different air about her tonight, more confident.

Andrew Garcia-Can't Buy Me Love
Cool arrangement,fun, a little Las Vegas at times, but it was okay.

Michael Lynche-Eleanor Rigby
Unbelievable, great vocals, I was mesmerized from the moment he opened his mouth. Great arrangement, so cool! Love him!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Bowersox-Come Together
Soulful, great performance, great rendition. She's so solid! Bonnie Raitt feel.

Tim Urban-All My Lovin'
He should be in the remake of a Monkees movie. Very teeny bopperish, fun, he's just a natural 60's guy. Good song choice for him.

Casey James-Jealous Guy
Nice guitar playing, arrangement, passionate, courageous, vulnerable, impressive. I really felt him tonight. Great performance. Why does my room to get so warm every time Casey performs? Or is it just me?

Siobahn Magnus-Across the Universe
That was a very subdued performance, beautiful control, but, a little perplexing. Don't know what to make of it.

Lee Dewyze-Hey Jude
That was a strange choice with the bagpipe. To me, he seemed more confident, but he could have been singing on a street corner, nothing that special. But he has a very contemporary voice.

Who do you think will be voted off?

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