Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shania Twain songs

Shania Twain is one of my favorite songwriters, and it was interesting watching her coach the singers. She had some good advice to give them. I liked Michael Lynche's performance the most this evening. So what else is new? Who's going to be leaving tomorrow? My guess is Casey James, even though he is eye candy. He's the weakest of the singers at this point. Although he is a very good musician, this is a singing contest.Who do you think should go?

Lee Dewyze-Still the One
This is my favorite Shania song. It was a good song choice for Lee, but I couldn't bear listening to him tearing his voice up. I don't think his voice is going to last very long if he keeps pushing it like that. I know the judges liked the way he sang it, the say current, I say straining. I know as a singer and teacher, that he's really doing some damage.
Michael Lynche-It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Beautiful, made it his own. What a great rendition. Loved it! I was moved as I always am when he sings.
Casey James-Don't Tell Me To Go
He took a big chance by not playing a lot of guitar, more vocals, but he was closing his eyes for most of the song, and I felt his fear in being vulnerable. I didn't think this was a great performance, but the judges sure did. He did take a chance though. Gotta hand it to him for that. There is so much tension in his vocal technique. He needs some vocal coaching with a really good teacher.
Crystal Bowersox-No One Needs To Know Right Now
Different style for her. Lighter, more cheerful. She seemed a little self-conscious and shaky. I agree with the judges, not her best performance.
Aaron Kelley- You've Got a Way
He sang that with conviction! He's definitely a country artist. Good job!
Siobahn Magnus-Any Man of Mine
That was a really strange performance. I wasn't crazy about it. It was very low key for the song and then so screechy rock at the end. I wasn't crazy about the performance. The judges loved it though. Oh well.


cdecotis said...

Hi Vickie,

I've been reading your blog this season, but haven't commented yet. Thought I'd better jump in since we're getting down to the last few!

I felt last night's show was better than the other episodes so far...and I thought Shania T. was an excellent choice for country night.

While I really enjoyed Mike's performance, it was not my favorite. For the top spot, I have to go with Casey. I find Crystal and Casey to have the most pleasant voices by far in the competition...and I thought Casey had a better night than Crystal.

I always look forward to hearing what Siobhan will do each week and usually like what she does sans the scary high stuff (what I could not stand about Adam L. last season).

Aaron did a great job last night, but he's not for me.

Now, Lee Dewyze...I want to like him but I can not stand his voice. I love a gritty vocal but seriously, I found him to be unlistenable last night.

Based on yesterday's performances, I think Lee should go.

Chi Chi said...

I think Siobhan should go. She is awful and has been for a long time now. I absolutely detest that screaming. The song did not need that.

If Mike gets voted off I will not watch.