Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Results Show for Sinatra Week with Harry Connick Jr.

Yeah! I am so happy with the results tonight!
My favorite, Big Mike is safe for another week. Aaron is going home. I think this was a good choice. He's a good singer, and I'll bet he will be very successful in the country genre. He's got a good career ahead of him, no doubt.
Casey stays another week. I predicted he would go, but I'm always happy to look at him for a little longer, handsome guy that he is, (even though he is the weakest singer at this point.)
Next week, Jamie Foxx is mentoring. that should be interesting. He's a talented guy.
Did America get it right? I think so.

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cdecotis said...

I was surprised Mike was among the bottom two. I figured it would've been Aaron and Casey standing there. With that said, I'm glad Casey got a free pass to the next round.

Now next week, can the contestants choose any song they want from the movies? Or is there a limited list they're given to choose from? In any case, Casey should be able to find a killer blues song to belt out. In fact, all the contestants will have more options choosing from film soundtracks...should be good.

Now that we're down to 4 contestants, I wonder when they'll start performing two songs?