Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Twelve Contestants

Tonight was a surprise- a 2 hour long show. Unfortunately, I had to wait 2 whole hours to see my favorite singer. They definately saved the best for last, though; Danny Gokey really delivered. There were a lot of disappointments, mostly in song choices.
Best performances tonight:
Jackie Tohn
Ricky Braddy
Alexis Grace
Danny Gokey

Here's my take on the performances:
Jackie Tohn-fun performer! Confident, and good rock singer, very stylized. But can she sing more than one style?
Ricky Braddy-Song For You, wow, great singer. All riffs, a bit over the top for me, but great talent. Such vocal control!
Alexis Grace-Never Loved A Man. I thought she sang it exactly like Aretha, copying every line, but she has a strong voice, and is very appealing.
Brent Keith-Hick Town, He's a good singer. Didn't blow me away.
Stevie Wright-she sang off key, it wasn't a very good performance, but she's only 16, so good try for her.
Anoop Desai-Angel of Mine -Sounded sharp the whole time. He's such a likable guy though! Hope he gets another chance.
Casey Carlson-Everything He Does is Magic-awkward, pitchy, she seemed quite self-conscious. (Shawn Colvin did cover that song and I loved it. It can be done!)
Michael Sarver-I Don't Wanna Be-It didn't really do anything for me. Kind of pitchy.
Anne Marie Boskovich-Natural Woman-pitchy start-Nice voice, but there wasn't enough soulfulness from her.
Stephen Fowler-Rock with You-Bad song for him. It didn't work. Strange style of singing, he's much more soulful than that. Disappointing.
Tatiana Del Toro-Saving All My Love For You-Interesting, pitchy, good moments/bad moments.
Danny Gokey-Hero, Best of the night! So emotionally connected.

What did you think of tonight's performances?


cdecotis said...

I tuned in too late for Jackie's performance but saw the rest. Overall, I thought it was a strange show with all the tech. glitches and weirdness at the couch with Ryan, didn't you think?

Danny and Alexis were the best IMO.
Anoop's really swell and I want to hear more from Stephen and Ricky. I think Casey needs to go (and the judges selected her over the homeless girl-can't figure that one out).

Vickie said...

Yes, the homeless girl was really quite good. Casey should be pursuing modeling. Anoop is great, hope he stays.
Thanks for our comments, they're always right on.

cdecotis said...

Hi Vickie, I'm enjoying your blog and your take on things from an artist's point of view.

I do feel badly referring to that girl as the "homeless girl", but I have no idea what her name is.

I'm guessing the other 18 are on tonight, right?..??..I'll tune in to see...trying to remember who'll be singing...Scott and Nick/Norman come to mind.

Vickie said...

Okay the woman's name is Leneshe Young. Good luck to her.
So tonight they pick the top 3 out of last night's 12.