Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hollywood night round one

I have to confess, I have never watched AI from the beginning like this.
147 contestants in Hollywood Round One -that's a lot to listen to in 2 days!
My thoughts on whom they showed us tonight:
Lil Rounds from Kansas: I thought she was pushing her voice really hard, pitchy, nervous, she got through though. She was one of my favorites 2 weeks ago.
Dennis Brigam from Kansas-he did look a bit manic, and that freaked the judges out. He was pretty angry about it all. Sent him home.
Nathaniel Marshall-beautiful voice
Anoop Desai-Wow! Amazing! And he looked much better, not geeky anymore, really cute. Finalist-I'm sure.
Jasmine Murray-she's got the whole package, really nice voice and very young, I think. Finalist!!
Rose Flack-not enough energy for me, very stylized-but she got by.
Von Smith-it's all at one level; maximum volume, didn't get a good review, but he got through, maybe he'll work on that. Use some dynamics, man!
Stephen Fowler-nice voice wow!
Jorge Nunez-very nice singing
Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchel-so funny!!!!! I love him!! Defiant and he can sing.
Jackie Tohn-she's a free spirit, pushes her voice, it can't last at that intensity.
Jamar Rogers-unique with style
Danny Gokey-YES! Wow!!!!!! Finalist!!!!
Bikini girl-Katrina -wow, she sure is confident (arrogant?), she's got a nice voice, but I don't like her.
Jeremy-nice singing
Jesus Valenzuela-pitchy, he didn't make it.
Emily-good voice
Adam Lambert-strong voice

104 contestants left after round one. I'm worn out and they only showed us about 20.
Wow that's a lot to have to listen to again tomorrow.
Group round tomorrow night. Who do you think is gonna make it to the top 12?

Debra Byrd-vocal coach on song choices

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cdecotis said...

I only caught a portion of last night's show. If Danny Gokey is the Danny from Wisconsin who sang the Seal song, I will have to say he's a favorite of mine. Also like Anoop...and Norman-Nick's awesome!