Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Round of Twelve

Tonight was disappointing. There were a lot of good singers, but hardly any of them really sparkled. My 3 favorite performances tonight were: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle. Megan Joy Corkrey will definately have a career whether she continues in the contest as will Jasmine Murray. They are just super commercial personalities. Two of the three favorites of mine are professionals already. Allison won a record contract at 14 and Adam's been on Broadway for a year. Well they are a pleasure for this singer to watch, so who cares what their past is. I wonder who will stay.

My take:
Jasmine Murray-Love Song-pitchy at the beginning, too low for her, loss of vocal control, not the right song for her.
Matt Giraud-Evil Libido- Strange vibrato, not so much control, pitchy, not a good song for him.
Jeanine Vailes-This Time-sharp the first half of the time, not great.
Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle-loved him,vocals weren't all there, but fun! Funny!
Allison Iraheta-Alone-Good performance, that was the right song for her, good job!
Kris Allen- Man in the Mirror-Good performance, solid, nice singing,
Megan Joy Corkrey-Put Your Records On-Quirky, nice voice, she pushed her voice a bit much towards the end.
Matt Breitzke-Tonic (welder) Wrong song, not enough energy, boring, nice voice, but eh.
Jesse Langseth-Betty Davis Eyes-Soulful, good performance, good song choice for her,
Kai Kalama-What Becomes of the Broken Hearted-It was kind of nothing special, nice voice, pleasant, nothing stood out.
Mishavonna Henson-Drops of Jupiter-limited range song, she's a better singer than the song, good singer, bad song choice, didn't get her energy out.
Adam Lambert-Satisfaction-Wow!!!!!!! Amazing voice, great performance, good song choice. My favorite of the evening.

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cdecotis said...

I think Adam has the top spot, followed by Megan and Allison.

Still love Nick (Norman was hot stuff last night! hahaha)...the guy's way too much fun.

I still like Kai even though is song choice was a miss...I also thought Matt's performance was pretty good--I wasn't put off by his song--I like Tonic. But I do understand how the song did not showcase his talent.

So, there must be more contestants next week too? I'm waiting to see what Scott does.