Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motown Week

This was a disappointing week. With such great singers, the show seemed to lack energy somehow. I wondered if it was because Motown is Motown and hard to really do any other way. Then you have Adam Lambert, who always keeps things fresh, interesting and unique.(Did anyone else think he looked a lot like KD Lang tonight?) His was my favorite performance of the evening, followed by Danny Gokey and Matt Geraud. Allison Iraheta had a dynamite performance, but it hurts to listen to her tearing up her voice more and more every week. Lil Rounds had great vocals and energy, but it was too much like the original to be anything memorable.
My prediction of the bottom 3 tonight is:
Scott MacIntyre, Megan Joy, and Micahel Sarver.
I think it's time for Scott to go. Wish he had broken out of the Barry Manilow mold. Not that Barry isn't talented, but we hoped for more edge from Scott. I really wanted him to stay in as long as he could.

Here were my reactions as I watched the show.

Matt Giraud-Let's Get It On-Good performance! He's got soul and great control. Confident.
Kris Allen-How Sweet It Is-Nice singing!
Scott MacIntyre-You Can't Hurry Love-Nice chord changes, good singing, nice. It didn't do anything for me. He might go after tonight.
Megan Joy-For Once In My Life-Pushed her voice, lots of missed notes. Poor Megan. She might go tonight.
Anoop Desai-Ooh Baby, Baby-Good performance. A few bad notes, but great control. Hard song!
Michael Sarver-Ain't Too Proud to Beg-It wasn't my favorite performance. Nice voice, nothing that stood out in his performance.
Lil Rounds-Heat Wave-Good performance, too much like the original to really be remembered.
Adam Lambert-Tracks of My Tears-Wow, amazing as always! What a range, what control, unique. My favorite tonight.
Danny Gokey-Get Ready-Great Performance! Always from the heart, touches me everytime. So organic!
Allison Iraheta-Papa Was a Rolling Stone-What soul! Always a great perfomrer! Ouch my throat! Get this girl out of the competition before it's too late!

Who do you think should be sent home?


cdecotis said...

Well, I'm squeezing this post in just before show time tonight. I agree with your three bottom picks (Scott, Megan, and Michael)...with Scott and Michael being my least favorite. I'm still rooting for Megan...once she finds her niche, she'll be great, I think.

Adam (kd lang! Yes! lol), Allison, Danny, and Matt were my top four. Was hoping to hear an Al Green song...with all the Motown choices, I was disappointed with some of the selections.

Vickie said...

Love your feedback. Al Green would have been good for Megan! Lots to choose from in the Motown Catalog!