Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Result Night from 5/12/09

Danny said it, let's get to the results already! Oh no! Not Danny! Why? Why? Oh well, never in the bottom 3 and then........ousted. Whaaaaa! Did you see the look on the judges' faces? Shock and awe! As was mine. He was always my second favorite. Kris was good last night, but not that good! If Kris wins next week, we know who is voting: teeny-bopper girls. He is a cutie, and he belongs on teen magazine covers. But as far as talent goes, (isn't this a talent contest?) Adam still has everyone beat. I am sorry to see Danny go; I really like him. He's been consistently good week after week. He's been through so much, can really sing, has such a great attitude and is so soulful. I know he will be one successful entertainer. I am a fan for life. Same with Adam, whether he wins or not. But Adam's got to win! He's just got to! Okay, he doesn't have to, but I think he should!
What about the rest of the show? Ehh. Not very thrilling. Can't we just have the result night like they do when they read the lottery numbers, like at 8:58, Ryan comes on and just says, "and the winner for this week is............., okay goodnight!"
Instead we have to listen to singers who are very successful and not even as good as the amateur contestants on the show. Alicia Keyes looked great and seemed really into her charity work, but I couldn't understand a word of Noah's song. Hope they raise a lot of money for Africa, a worthwhile cause. Katy Perry was just weird, but didn't do much for me. What kind of a song was that????? Jordan Sparks looked great, lost some weight, grew up a bit, but her song seemed so formulaic, soulless and contrived. I think she might have been lip-syncing; poor thing, she has no say in all this I'm sure. Good singer, but you couldn't tell from the song. And compared to Danny's singing at the end, no one could hold a candle to his heartfelt passion on You are So Beautiful. He brought me to tears. I was a huge Melinda Dolittle fan last year, and she didn't win either. Haven't heard much from her since. I learned a long time ago that the music business isn't interested in incredible talent, just in making quick money. I have so many incredibly talented friends who never got signed, and some mediocre ones who did. I thought the public was smarter than that. What a shame.

Thanks to Bob Miller on morning mix 97.7 FM for having me on his radio show every week this AI sesaon. I'll be on at 7:35AM tomorrow morning talking about tonight's results. Tune in! And check out my videos on you tube under Vickie Russell. Please feel free to comment on my blog if you have something to add to or disagree with! I love hearing from you all; you have great opinions and insights!

Adam, next week, okay? Did Amerca get it right? What do you think?


Chi Chi said...

I liked all 3 of them, so no matter who went, it would've been sad. I'm sad to see Danny go, but someone has to win and someone has to lose. Danny will have a great career.

Chi Chi said...

I just noticed what you said about Melinda! I agree with you that Melinda was and is very talented and has an amazing voice. But I think what did Melinda in was her looks. I know it's terrible but the truth is, sex sells! If you look good, they can slick up your music with nice beats and provocative lyrics and you don't have to have a great voice. But if you're not so's harder to sell you. It's not fair and it's not right but it is the cold hard truth.

Vickie said...

Good point. Yes, that is true about woman in the music business, but does it have to be true? Are Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, or KD Lang so beautiful? They are unique and undeniably talented. And somehow they found their way. So why not Melinda too?

Chi Chi said...

I agree with you completely. It's not fair. Some people just don't get their due.