Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Result Night from 5/5/09

Wow, Kris is safe, and Allison is going home. That's different from what I thought should happen. I'm glad Allison is going home so she can rest her voice. I'm relieved that Danny and Adam are safe. Whew!
So next week, Kris has gotta go.
Adam and Danny are still my favorites, Adam being #1. After seeing the movie "The Soloist" tonight, I realized Danny kind of looks a little like Robert Downey Jr. Anyone else notice that?

Tonight's show was curious; there were a bunch of really weird performances.The show should just be 5 minutes long on result night, but instead, they use it to promote every possible act around. The group song felt weak to me. I wasn't that thrilled with Paula Abdul, Daughtry, or No Doubt, but hey, I guess they had to fill up the hour with something. Okay, next week 2 songs, judges' choice and personal favorite. Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see what Adam picks!
Did America get it right?


cdecotis said...

You're right...the result show was 55 minutes too long and weird. Allison made a great exit though, far more entertaining than the guests were!

So Danny made it through...I love how he goofed on his own performance the night before. What a great guy. I was thinking he might've done really well Tuesday night with a Paul Rodger's tune, something like Alright Now...??? Lots of sweet soulfulness in Paul R's stuff.

I'm looking forward to next week's show also...I'm curious about the judges' picks for the contestants. I'm thinking about what I like to hear them sing....hmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

both my husband myself were not only bored waiting for the 'announcement' but were thoroughly annoyed by the various performances.i thought 'idol' did a better job in past years when they were down to 4 contestants. if danny goes home next week that will leave adam with the title without question. altho i think danny should stay, i don't want another nail biter like last week!

Vickie said...

Alright now would have been a great choice for Danny! Good call.