Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Countdown to Finals Week

A disillusioning night tonight. It feels like the judges have already chosen a winner and are leading the audience with their biased opinions. Crystal was the best performer tonight, yet they all seemed wowed by Lee. I don't get it. I miss Big Mike! Casey should be going home tomorrow, eye candy or not. Crystal should win. Here's my take on the performances.

Casey James-Alright With Me
Good song for him. It suited him but it was nothing spectacular.
Crystal Bowersox-Come to My Window
Great rendition! I loved it. Exciting performance: passionate, honest, alive! She sings with such ease.
Lee Dewyze-Simple Man
Good song choice for him. He did okay. I didn't really connect with him on that one. Why are the judges pushing for him? He's not the best one!
Casey James-Daughters
Nice song, but why did they choose it? It was a sleepy song with a sleepier arrangement. Mixed messages from the judges who chose it. I liked his solo.
Crystal Bowersox-Maybe I'm Amazed
Wow, what a great performance! Loved it! That was the best performance of the night!
Lee Dewyze-Hallelujah
That arrangement was so overdone and schmaltzy. I didn't think he did an especially exciting job, but the arrangement was just so big, all the strings, back-up choir, the orchestra, that it made it seem he was doing something exceptional. Simon was so smug about it. It left a bad taste in my mouth.
Who do you think should go home?


cdecotis said...

Regarding the contestants' own song selections and performances: I completely agreed with the judges' opinions on all three contestants.

Not so much on the judges' choices. Kara and Randy were way off choosing Daughters for Casey...especially, when week after week they urge Casey to "give us more"...and how many times this season did you hear them blasting someone bringing a sleepy song to the Idol stage?

Ellen's Maybe I'm Amazed was an excellent and extremely thoughtful choice for Crystal. She got Crystal to do something different while considering what song might actually be challenging and helpful for showcasing Crystal's talent. Yay, for Ellen!

I hated Simon's choice of Hallelujah for Lee. Doesn't someone do that song every season? Seems like it...anyway, it was too big and showy and would've been much better stripped down. I'm pretty sure Simon would've ripped into Lee for that one, if it had not been a "Simon selection". I also noticed Simon sitting there all full of himself--"yes, my brilliant song choice just won the title for Lee" kind of attitude.

So my favorite song for the night, I must say, was Lee's Simple Man. I usually dislike the shot, torn up sound of his voice, but last night, he sang the crap out of that song and sounded great.

...and if the voters play fairly, Casey should go...And while Lee has come a long way, Crystal absolutely deserves to win with her heartfelt performances and beautiful voice week after week.

Lastly, the judges (with Ellen excluded) need a slap for being inconsistent.

Vickie said...

Yeah, the judges' choices were pretty lame except for Ellen's choice for Crystal. Thanks for your comments. Really fun to read them.