Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Finale

I hope that Crystal wins because her performances tonight far surpassed Lee's. He did his best, which was acceptable, but nothing more. She rocked the house! If Lee wins, it's all about the way he looks, not his talent. Well, vote for Crystal!

Lee Dewyze-The Boxer
I still didn't like that rendition very much, it left me cold.
Crystal Bowersox-Me and Bobby McGee
I loved that version, better than Janis herself! Passionate!
Lee Dewyze-Everybody Hurts
What a weird song choice. Started out off key. The choir was so over the top and didn't add to his performance at all, he drowned in it all. Yet the judges are pushing for him. Why????
Crystal Bowersox-Blcak Velvet
What passion! She did a great job! She gave it her all.
Lee Dewyze-Beautiful Day
Big arrangement, swallowed him up. Why so many musicians when he is on? Why did they choose that song for his hit?
Crystal Bowersox-Up To The Mountain
Great performance! So soulful and she built it up! Crystal is the winner in my book!

What do you think?

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Lisa Iannucci said...

i think it's all about preference. i think lee did better than you're giving him credit for, especially in his second song. crystal has a phenomenal voice, but they are two different styles, good in their own right. Lee was nervous, but it doesn't take away from the fact that he's grown so much during this competition.