Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results Show for Songs of the Cinema Week

Michael Lynche is going home tonight. I am so disappointed with the results, but not surprised. Adam Lambert was the best singer last year and he didn't win. David Archuletta was the best singer 2 years ago and he didn't win. Melinda Dolittle was the best singer before that and she didn't win. I was rooting for Big Mike because he was the best singer this year, and I naively forgot what this show is about. He could sing any style, with flawless vocal technique, charisma and depth, while staying true to himself. I guess this show is a popularity contest whose goal is to choose the cutest guy and is controlled by teenage girls. Dumb idea to have the public vote if you want talent, but the public is who will buy the recordings, so why not have them decide? Brilliant business plan. But not great for real artists. It's sad to watch this show as a performer, vocal coach and fan of Big Mike. People don't appreciate super talent, and I've known that all along. Mike and Crystal were the 2 best vocalists and performers. If he had come in second, I would have been okay with that. I think I've invested too much of myself watching AI; I feel personally involved. I guess that's the nature of reality TV. It's bad enough that I started getting used to Simon's cruel abuse of these poor artists getting up in front of the whole country and bearing their souls only to have him insult and make fun of them. But to see Mike voted off before Casey or Lee, well, I just don't know if I can continue watching the show for the next 2 weeks knowing that Casey or Lee might win.
On the bright side, Michael Lynche has had a lot of exposure due to this show; so I hope he is presented with great opportunities and a bright, successful future.
Well, not much more to say. I'll go lick my wounds now.
Did America get it right?


Chi Chi said...

I started a new job, and I have missed the last 2 weeks of shows. I have to say that I am glad. My sister told me about Big Mike, and I was so disappointed.

There is no diversity this year at all--I feel that Crystal, Lee and Casey are the same type of artist. Where is the R and B diva? Where is the rocker a la Bo Bice or David Cook?

I too feel it's a popularity contest, and I hope the show has not "jumped the shark". I think the judges need to pick more diverse talent next year and stop giving contradictory critique.

I'm bitterly disappointed too.

cdecotis said...

Vickie, I enjoyed your comments on last night's show and completely agree that American Idol's hardly a true talent contest.

Regarding the power of teenaged girls: It's not surprising to see this week's Rolling Stone issue listing Billboard's top 40 albums with Justin Bieber at number one with another at number 10.

Though my style preference finds me leaning towards Crystal and Casey, I do recognize Casey's shortcomings and realize he should not win this season. Big Mike definitely deserved to stay last night.

Betcha anything, Lee and Casey are the final two, even though Crystal is the most deserving of the three.

Random stuff: Big Mike has the sweetest family ever.
Ryan Seacrest gets weirder every week...couldn't believe he was checking family members for sweaty hands--blah.
Lastly, I can not bring myself to watch the result shows in their entirety. They drag on and on forever. I just tune in at the end to see who stays and who leaves.

Vickie said...

So I'm not alone in my disappointment with the show. Good to know there are others out there that are awake! Thanks for your comments.

It wasn't until 3 years ago that I started watching AI and that was only because my students were interested in auditioning and I needed to do the research. They didn't have great experiences auditioning either, let me tell you! There are some crazy rules in the auditions. One student had to audition 9 times before she met THE judges.

But the positive thing is that AI has launched some careers for some talented people. Has AI sold out, or was it always like this????

Chi Chi said...

I don't think it was always like this. Fantasia, Ruben, even Kelly and Taylor Hicks weren't necessary the best looking people or people that would sell to teenaged girls. But they had undeniably beautiful voices (Kelly and Ruben) or amazing charisma (Fantasia and Taylor) that made you see that they could possibly be a star.

Crystal is an amzing singer, Lee has definitely improved in my opinion, and Casey's a cutie. But none of them have much personality. I feel like Mike had great charisma and an amazing voice, but he's not really that handsome and he's married. I think that might've been the nail in his coffin.

Vickie said...

Sad, but probably true, about Mike being married. What a silly reason to be voted out. Oh well.