Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Idol Begins 3/1/11 The Guys

Tonight was pretty impressive. These guys are amazing; the best singers of all the seasons that I have seen. Inspiring! My favorite performances tonight were Clint Jun Gamboa, James Durbin, and Stefano Langone and Jacob Lusk. I am looking forward to seeing what happens this season. So nice without the nastiness of Simon, just about the talent. As it should be. Judging only from the performances tonight, the weakest of the singers was Paul MacDonald. Jacob Lusk has the winning voice. I hope America appreciates what he's got!
Here's my take on the performances:

1.Clint Jun Gamboa-Superstition
This guy can sing! He's got a lot of soul, power and so much energy! One of my favorites this season. I enjoyed his performance!

2.Jovany Baretto-I'll Be
Nice voice, he didn't give an exciting performance but he has a great voice.

3.Jordan Dorsey-So Many Ways to Love Ya
That was a little weird, this guy can REALLY sing, but this song didn't suit him. Hope he stays in, because he could win this competition. He's that good!

4.Tim Halperin-Come On Over
That song didn't do much for me. Eh...

5.Brett Lowenstern-Light My Fire
He's another really talented singer, who didn't come across as strong as he is. These guys must be so nervous, because from what I saw at the auditions, they have so much talent.

6.James Durbin-You Got Another Thing Comin'
Wow, what energy! He's so free and natural, and those screams, so organic! He's got it! What a singer.

7.Robby Rosen-In the Arms of an Angel
Cool, how he did the song. He had some pitch issues with the high notes, but great artistry, and originality. What a range! I like how he changed the time signature for 3/4 to 4/4. He's got a lot of promise.

8.Scotty McReery-Letters From Home
Is this guy only 17? Impossible! He comes from the heart, he's the real thing. I totally enjoyed his performance, and I'm not a die hard country fan. What a voice; so authentic.

9.Stefano Langone-Just the Way You Are
Wow, what a voice, incredible! Love him. What a range! A little pitchy, I think it was nerves.

10.Paul MacDonald-Maggie May
Very unique, not sure how I feel about his voice. Sounds weak and damaged. Can he get through the season?

11.Jacob Lusk-A House is Not Home
This guy has a voice like no one I've ever heard! Indescribable, divine. What more can I say? Speechless. Give the guy the trophy and let's call it a day.

12.Casey Abrams-I Put a Spell On You
He's so free, and insanely musical. He's so talented, hope he goes far with this contest. He doesn't fit the mold, that's for sure.

So what do you think of these guys? Would love to hear your opinions.

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cdecotis said...

I'm loving the guys too!...especially, Casey, James, and Scotty...with beautiful Jacob knocking it out of the ballpark! I have a soft spot for Brett and wish him luck upping his game for next week.

It's such a great pool of guys--talent's not the issue, so choosing the right songs, staying true to themselves, and nailing each performance will be what keeps them in the contest.

Tim and Jordan were my least favorite last night, but I appreciated Jordan taking the judges' constructive criticism so well.