Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top 11 Results Show 3/24/11

Wow, what a suspenseful and entertaining show this was! Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson sang. Stevie sounded great as usual, and Jennifer seemed rather angry in her new song "Where You At". My teachers always told me I couldn't end a sentence or a question with "at". Guess it's okay now.

Casey voted out? No, it can't be! It was a hard choice last night. Everyone was so good, and now we know why: Marc Antony helped them with their in-ear monitors so now everyone could actually hear themselves and sing on key. Why didn't someone do this the first week?????? Duh! Shouldn't that be someone's job over there at AI?
I'm glad Casey was saved tonight. Poor guy looked so shocked by the save; I think he was cursing non-stop, since they bleeped the last 2 minutes of the show about 10 times. He looked like he was going to pass out, or throw up right on Ryan. I'm happy they saved him, he really deserves it.
But next week, 2 people are going to have to go. It's going to be hard if the performances are as good as they were this week. Well, I'm satisfied.
Did America get it right? What do you think?


cdecotis said...

I must say I agreed with the voters regarding Casey. I just have not been enjoying him the past two weeks. I was worried the poor guy was going to expire when the judges opted for the save! I'll be interested to see what he does next week.

Re: Paul...either I'm getting used to him or he was a little better last night. Not quite sure! ha!

My favs last night were Jacob and Pia...and believe it or not, I fell asleep just before James sang. I'll have to look for his performance on youtube.

I've been loving the judges...Jennifer, especially, gives really good constructive criticism. She's great, Steven T. too.

Vickie said...

I agree with you, Casey hasn't knocked my socks off the last 2 weeks, but we know his potential. Hopefully he'll come around next week.

It's such a positive vibe on the show now, and all about the talent, not the judges now that Simon is gone. I'm loving it!

cdecotis said...

I saw a piece from a music blog this morning concerning Steven T...and it seems a lot of critics, fans, etc. think he's become "boring". Unlike us, it looks like a good number miss the Cowell criticisms filled with below the belt jabs.

Also, Vickie, did you see the '80s theme for this week was changed to Elton John? (is he mentoring too?). I was thinking of his songs and wondering what the contestants will choose. Bet they'll be scrambling to get "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". That's been done on Idol so many times. I'd like to see something James taking on "Madman Across the Water" and Scotty singing "Mona Lisa & Madhatters". How about Jacob doing "Burn Down the Mission"? In any case, I'm looking forward to the show.