Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 11 3/23/11 Motown Night

This was another fun show tonight. Everyone's performance was such high quality-this year the talent is leagues better than it's ever been before. I am so impressed with everyone tonight, I wouldn't know who to vote off. Watching the review of everyone at the end, the all gave their best and you could feel it; and in their own unique styles, which makes the show so interesting and go by quickly. My favorite performances tonight were: Jacob, Pia, Naima and James. Paul is still my least favorite, but he did a great job tonight doing what he does. Tonight I recalled, that when I first heard Rod Stewart back in the day, I thought, "who told this guy he could sing", and he's still recording today, so it's really a matter of taste. I'm used to him now, but I still don't like his voice. Who do you think should go judging from tonight's performances?

Casey Abrams-Heard It Through the Grapevine
Casey's all cleaned up, I hardly recognize him. That was fun, the ending was original and loose. It reminded me of the versions by CCR and Motown combined.

Thia Megia-Heat Wave
I liked what she did with the melody, she played with it a bit, that was interesting, she made it her own. I think she messed up some lyrics, but she covered it well. Glad to see her sing something upbeat. Such a rich voice; beautiful tone. This was my audition song for Broadway auditions years ago, it got me a call back every time.

Jacob Lusk-You're All I Need to Get By
Great performance, wow! Jacob's back! He didn't go overboard, he sang on key, fantastic! I think he heard himself better tonight on stage too. He held back till the end. Saved the best for last. Yessssss!

Lauren Alaina-You Just Keep Me Hangin' On
I liked her vocals, there was a little country in there, and some attitude, strong performance. When she spoke, she sounded a bit hoarse, which is always a warning sign that she's pushing her voice too hard when she sings. Dangerous for a teenager! She could damage her voice for good if she isn't careful.

Stefano Langone-Hello
Amazing vocals, but I think he started riffing too early in the song, and then there was no where to go. He's one of my favorites for sure. The judges gave him good advice. Jennifer said the same things I say to my vocal students: " who are you singing to, what are you feeling in the song, what is your intention?" Singing is acting!

Haley Reinhart-You Really Got a Hold On Me
That was a wild and free performance. I liked her gospel, bluesy growls. She's a powerhouse. Great performance!

Scotty McReery-For Once in My Life
That was a unique version of the song-kind of a Glen Campbell version. He did a good job staying true to himself. He is SOOOO country, I didn't know how he'd do, but he did alright!

Pia Toscano-All In Love Is Fair
Wow, best vocal of the night. What a diva! She's up there with the best of them! Barbra, Celine, move over!

Paul MacDonald-Tracks of My Tears
That was very true to Paul, unique, and a throwback to Rod Stewart. He made it his own. He did a good job. I actually enjoyed him.

Naima Adedapo-Dancing in the Streets
Her voice was so rich, I like what she brought to the song. Her pitch was right on this time. Loved the African dancing at the end! Great performer!

James Durbin-Livin' for the City
Cool performance, he rocked the house. What a voice, what a performer! Exciting!

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