Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Idol Begins 3/2/11 The Women

Well, watching the guys was much more exciting last night. I'm surprised how weak the women were. My 2 favorites performances tonight were by Naima and Pia. Exceptional singing! The rest didn't really stand out for me. It is impressive how well the 16 year olds can sing, but they lack a confidence that these 2 have. I'd say the weakest performances tonight were Ta-Tynisa and Rachel. Here's my take on the evening:

1.Ta-Tynisa Wilson-Only Girl
She was sharp, very pitchy. Didn't seem unique at all, I wasn't impressed.

2.Naima Adedapo-Summertime
Wow, what a voice, great jazz singer! One of my favorites!

3.Kendra Chantelle-Impossible
Good singer, I was pleasantly surprised. Soulful, powerful and nice riffs.

4.Rachel Zevita-Criminal
Hmmmm, not sure how I felt about that performance. Her voice seemed a bit muffled somehow. And her vocal control wasn't that great. Don't know.

5.Karen Rodriguez-Hero
Nice singing, beautiful voice, good performance.

6.Lauren Turner-Seven Day Fool
Good singing, soulful, she seemed like she was holding back a bit though. To me, it lacked something: confidence.

7.Ashton Jones-Love All Over Me
She had so much confidence, impressive. Her voice soars. Impressive. I wasn't crazy about the song for her though.

8.Julie Zorrilla-Break Away
Not a great song choice, it didn't really show off her voice, it didn't do much for me.

9.Haley Reinhart-Falling In Love
Big song to take on, not the right song to show her voice off. Only Alicia should sing that song. I didn't really get it.

10.Thia Megia-Out Here On My Own
Good singing, she had 3 notes were flat, but a very good singer, and only 15! So brave to start out a capella.

11.Lauren Alaina-You Can Hear Me on the Radio
She's 16? She was very good, but I didn't feel blown away like the judges did.

12.Pia Toscano-I'll Stand By You
Wow, that was an improvement over the original. What a stellar performance! Great range, great voice. She's got it!

What do you think?


cdecotis said...

I agree that the guys make a great show! I watched the women but missed Pia at the end, which is too bad since she the hell out of I'll Stand By You.

Now on to Thursday night's result show...I think for the most part America voted well, except I would not have chosen Paul or Haley...I would have chosen Stefan and Naima. Thank goodness for the wild card picks!

Now I need to find out what nights the show is on next week now that we're back to 2X/wk.

Vickie said...

Good to hear your opinions. Pia blew me away.You missed a great performance. I agree that Paul and Haley shouldn't have been voted in, and I miss Clint, but all in all, good choices. I believe it's going to be on Wednesdays and Thursdays this year.