Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carole King Week

Carole King week; I couldn't be happier. Carole King was my first singer/songwriter inspiration. When I was 10 years old, after playing classical piano for 4 years, I heard her for the first time; she rocked my world. I realized that I could play something on the piano other than classical music, and sing at the same time. So I know her songs; it's a sign of a great song, when it will work in any style: country, pop, rock, blues. And that's what everyone did, made them their own. My favorite performance of the night: Casey Abrams. Who do I think should go home? I'm not sure anymore, everyone is so good. This is getting really tough now. James and Scotty are the most consistent week after week. Lauren sounded great. Jacob had a good night. Haley? Who do you think will be voted off?

Jacob Lusk-Oh No, Not My Baby
That's the Jacob we know and love, fun, wild, creative, going for it. Great energy, even though he was a bit sharp here and there. Loved the riffs at the end. Fun!

Lauren Alaina-Where You Lead
She did a good job with that song. The producers and judges are encouraging her to push herself through her fears (good) and push her voice (bad). Babyface was telling her this. Isn't he a singer? She's only 16, spare her voice, please before it's too late.

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams-I Feel the Earth Move
Okay, I'm not sure how I felt about that duet. I liked Casey's harmonies, but it didn't' thrill me. I'm not crazy about Haley's voice. It sounds so weary.

Scotty McReery-You've Got A Friend
He did a good country job, once again. I thought he was going to wreck it, but he did alright. He went a bit out of his comfort zone and made it interesting.

James Durbin-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
I liked the a capella beginning. That takes a lot of courage. the rest of the song was a bit boring for me, the drum beat was dated, too much like the Shirelles' version in the 60's, but the beginning was worth it all. His singing seemed a little pitchy to me tonight.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McReery-Up on the Roof
Scotty's worked hard on his harmonies. He couldn't sing harmony during Hollywood week. That was a nice duet, I liked the country take on that song. It worked.

Casey Abrams-Hi De Ho
Casey's always a lot of original, unique and creative. You know you're in for something different every week from him. Great performer, that Casey.

Haley Reinhart-Beautiful
That was an interesting rendition of the song. She did a good job.

Jacob Lusk and James Durbin-I'm Into Something Good
Outta control, kind of loose. That was a fun sing off at the end. Weird song choice, not my favorite performance.

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cdecotis said...

I also was thrilled to have the Carole King theme night...though, I was disappointed that she wasn't there in person...oh, well, at least we had some great songs to choose from. I was hoping to hear Sweet Seasons, So Far Away, It's Too Late, or Jazzman...I guess there are too many great songs and too few contestants!

I agree that Scotty and James are the most consistent every week. I really like Lauren, Scotty, and James' attitudes when they're preparing for their picks each week and when receiving any constructive critism. Even after weeks of competition, they seem to have good heads on their shoulders and are more grounded than the others.

So last night's performances: Jacob and James were my top two. Enjoyed Lauren too.

As for the duets: I really wasn't into Haley and Casey's at all. The other two were very entertaining.

I don't know, Vickie...I just did not like Casey's vocals...I think he's a great musician and manages to get very cool arrangements for songs week after week, but I just don't like his voice. It didn't help that Hi De Ho is probably my least favorite CK song.

Haley's song had very nice intentions but her voice sounds beat.

So based on last night's performances, who should go? Good question! ha...Even though Casey was my least favorite, I'm not sure if it should be him. America seems to have Haley and Jacob at the bottom of their favs list more often than not...I'm guessing it will be one of them. Hopefully, not Jacob.